Finkelstein comments: On the morning of October 12, 2017, I have to be in District Court of Nassau County, 99 Main Street, Hempstead NY 11550.  Tel.: 1-516-493-4200. I spoke to a good lawyer this evening.  He said there’s a good chance I will be locked up for perhaps 10 days.  I am skeptical that I will endure those ten days.  I’m too old, too weary, and the environment is too alien.  It’s unclear whether these mafiosi want to punish me, silence me, or — I mean this literally — kill me.  It seems they’ve been driven to distraction by my defiance of their boutique-style machinery of destruction.   As is blazingly obvious to anyone who steps into this “criminal justice system,” it’s designed to destroy African-American youth. (Of the 45 inmates in my cell, three others were white, maybe three were Hispanic, all the rest were African-American.)  I ended up on the wrong side of this apartheid enclave by fluke.  I also resisted, so I must be stopped.  It might be that they do physically stop me.  Over that I have no control.  But I’ll never give in.