What we can do?

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Friedman supports civilian suffering as “education” Action Alert New York Times foreign affairs columnist Thomas Friedman endorsed terrorism in a January 14 column defending Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip. To answer his own question about Israel’s plan–“What is the goal?”–Friedman referred back to the 2006 attacks on Lebanon, which killed about 1,000 Lebanese civilians. To Friedman, this was the “education” of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah: Israel’s counterstrategy was to use its air force to pummel Hezbollah and, while

"Peace Now" Israelis

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By A.B. Yehoshua Dear Gideon, You remember that in recent years I called you occasionally to praise you for your articles and your writing about the wrongs done to the Palestinians in the administered territories, whether by the army or by the settlers. Physical wrongs, land expropriations, acts of abuse, perversions of justice and so on. I told you that it is very difficult to read what you write, because it weighs on our conscience, but that the work you

Just the facts, please.

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By Max Kantar Israel’s operative military policy in the Gaza Strip has been fairly consistent with its stated definition of what it considers to be legitimate military targets, which in practice has amounted to mass killings of innocent Palestinian civilians. Based on the overwhelming evidence available, one conclusion can be drawn regarding the nature of the US-backed Israeli attacks on Gaza: a genuine massacre of ordinary, unarmed people has been taking place for over two weeks. Here is just a

Courageous Israel

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By As the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has once again flared up following Israel’s ongoing air and ground assault on the Gaza Strip, the IMEU presents a comparison of Israeli and Palestinian military capabilities. 1. The Institute for International Security Studies at Tel Aviv University. http://www.inss.org.il/upload/(FILE?1206270841.pdf 2. Ibid. 3. Ibid. 4. Source for Israel: Ibid.; Source for the Palestinians: The Associated Press. “Israel approves armored vehicles, rifles, bullets for West Bank security forces.” November 20, 2007. http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/11/21/africa/ME-GEN-Israel-Palestinians.php 5.

Freakish Friedman

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By Glenn Greenwald The New York Times war cheerleader urges that Hamas be “educated” by “inflicting heavy pain on the Gaza population”. Jan. 14, 2009 | (Updated below – Update II – Update III – Update IV) Tom Friedman, one of the nation’s leading propagandists for the Iraq War and a vigorous supporter of all of Israel’s wars, has a column today in The New York Times explaining and praising the Israeli attack on Gaza.  For the sake of robust and diverse

Vive los Latinos!

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By AP LA PAZ, Bolivia – President Evo Morales announced Wednesday he was breaking relations with Israel over its invasion of the Gaza Strip and said he will ask the International Criminal Court to bring genocide charges against top Israeli officials. Morales’ ally Hugo Chavez of Venezuela broke ties with Israel last week. Morales told the country’s diplomatic corps that the Israeli attack “seriously threatened world peace” and he called for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his Cabinet to face

On Christopher Hitchens

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Editor’s note: Norman G. Finkelstein is currently writing a political memoir, which will serve as the introduction to a new edition of his book, The Rise and Fall of Palestine, to be published by New Press next year.  Below is an excerpt from the memoir on the subject of political apostasy.  The title refers to how ex-leftist Christopher Hitchens used to sign off his correspondence. "Fraternally yours, Chris" I’m occasionally asked whether I still consider myself a Marxist.  Even if

Shlomo, mon ami.

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Ben-Ami’s Scars of War juxtaposed with Finkelstien’s Image and Reality(56 pages; 1.6 MB) * Ben-Ami / Finkelstein(HTML-text rush transcript) Image and Reality recalls that like many other states that displaced the indigenous population one of the founding myths of Israel was that the land was empty prior to foreign settlement. For supporting evidence it quoted among others Israel Zngwill, Moshe Smilansky, David Ben-Gurion, Izhak Ben-Zvi and Abba Eban: Here’s what Ben-Ami writes: Image and Reality argued that the Zionist movement

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