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An eye witness account of the July 16, 2010 Bil’in Demonstration Micky B Cobrin The ten-month settlement moratorium on “new” construction in the West Bank has been described by the Prime Minister as a “painful concession”. Luckily for him the agony will cease with the termination of the freeze this coming September. In Bil’in, however, I doubt much will change. The future without the moratorium may not prove to be much more difficult than the past ten months have been

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On Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 in News, The Israel-Palestine Conflict.

MISHOR ADUMIM, Palestinian Territories : Israeli settler and industrialist Avi Elkayam, 35, has no patience with the Palestinian boycott of settlement products. “It’s economic terrorism,” he shouts shaking his fist. The months-old campaign has had a limited financial impact so far but it has a catastrophic potential, he says. “It’s economic terrorism that will lead to real terror when thousands of people lose their jobs,” says Elkayam, who heads the bosses union in Mishor Adumim, the largest Israeli industrial park

Guess whom I am touring with next?

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Dear Dr. Finkelstein, I recently heard you quote a U.S. Government study on Hamas that you used to support the fact that Hamas is interested in resolving the conflict along the internationally recognized terms (67 borders, right of return for refugees). Could you tell me the name of that study and how to obtain it? Unrelated question: I’m nearly finished reading your book ‘Beyond Chutzpah’ which I find quite impressive. I’m going through appendix III in the part where you

Such a pity Israel killed Eichmann. He so wanted to get married and start a family.

On Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 in News, The Israel-Palestine Conflict.

Military committee accepts appeal filed by Taysir Hayb, who was sentenced to eight years in prison for shooting Tom Hurndall in Rafah in 2003. Judges rule soldier has turned his life around, no longer poses a threat. Military Advocacy: Release could hurt Israel-UK ties Hanan Greenberg After six and a half years in jail and four committees which discussed mitigating his sentence, the Israel Defense Forces on Monday agreed to release soldier Taysir Hayb, who killed a British peace activist

Amazing! A Western public official who utters several consecutive words that actually contain a shred of truth

On Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 in News, The Israel-Palestine Conflict.

Former EU commissioner Chris Patten calls Gaza blockade an immoral failure and says bloc must be more independent The European Union must shake off US dominance and take a bolder approach in pressing for a settlement of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the former EU commissioner Chris Patten said today on a visit to Gaza. Israel’s policy of blockading Gaza had been a “terrible failure – immoral, illegal and ineffective”, he said, which had “deliberately triggered an economic and social crisis which

Israeli with a heart (of gold)

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Activist paints pro-Palestinian slogans on revered Holocaust site. Former Israeli Air Force captain and Israel boycott activist Yonatan Shapira spray-painted pro-Palestinian graffiti on the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto last week, Channel 10 reported on Sunday. Shapira was shown on camera the previous Sunday spraying the slogans “Free all ghettos” and “Free Palestine and Gaza” on the walls of the Jewish ghetto in the Polish city – famed site of Jewish resistance to the Nazis – and then hoisting upon

10 Israelis to sue Al-Jazeera for unflattering angle shots that accentuate their "Semitic probosces"

On Friday, July 16th, 2010 in News, The Israel-Palestine Conflict.

A group of 91 Israelis wounded by Hezbollah rockets during the 2006 Second Lebanon War is suing the Arab news network Al-Jazeera for $1.2 billion in a New York court for allegedly aiding the Lebanese guerrillas, their lawyer said Tuesday. Nitzana Darshan-Leitner said the suit, which was filed Monday, claims the Qatar-based news network intentionally violated Israel’s military censorship regulations and reported the precise locations of rocket strikes in Israel in live broadcasts during the month-long 2006 war. Journalists at


On Friday, July 16th, 2010 in News, The Israel-Palestine Conflict.

After an unofficial nine-month “moratorium,” the Israeli government has returned with a vengeance to its policy of demolishing Palestinian homes. Yesterday, July 13, six homes were demolished in East Jerusalem.   In Jabal Mukaber, the homes of the Tawil family (15 people) and the Masrawi family (six people) were demolished. In Beit Hanina, the municipality demolished the home of the Rajabi family (6 people). And in Issawaiyeh, three homes in advanced stages of construction were demolished: one of the Dari

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