Israeli Shoot to Kill Policy

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Where is the International outrage at a new ‘Shoot to Kill’ Policy! In September this year, the Israeli parliament passed severe new measures allowing the use of live fire against Palestinian protestors and the introduction of severe sentences for stone throwers. “Until recently, police officers would open fire when their own lives were at risk” Netanyahu said. “From now on, they will be allowed to open fire – and they will know they have a right to do so –

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Instead of working toward revealing the truth behind the recent death of an anti-fence demonstrator the IDF is reaching into its bag of lies. By Gideon Levy Jawaher Abu Ramah died young. She stood facing the demonstrators against the separation fence in her village, inhaled very large quantities of the gas that Israel Defense Forces soldiers fired that day, collapsed and died several hours later at a Ramallah hospital. A protest against the separation fence in Bil’in in 2009. Jawaher


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“Rejectionist front”: Maariv details Netanyahu’s refusal to directly negotiate with PA January 3, 2011 Didi Remez Leave a comment Go to comments Netanyahu As Israel’s diplomatic position erodes and the Palestinian Authority’s campaign for the unilateral recognition of a state in the 1967 borders gains ground, the demand for “direct negotiations” has become a central talking point of  Israeli government spokespeople. Here’s the latest example, from a January 2 Associated Press report: He [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu] said he was

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In what some in the IDF are banking on as the key to preventing another Goldstone Report, the IDF this week wrapped up its first-ever training course for a new military post aimed at helping Israel minimize harm to civilians during future operations in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. Called “Population Coordination Officer,” the positions will be mostly held by reservists with the rank of captain or major. The week-long course was held at the Coordinator of Government Activities in

Creating the pretext for an attack – but will it work?

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If the Hariri tribunal indict several Hezbollah operatives, as expected, the militant group could use an escalation against Israel to divert the political storm. By Avi Issacharoff It is not clear in which direction Lebanon is heading: Is it a country on the verge of collapse? Is it heading toward a civil war? A war against Israel? Or is it just facing another political crisis that too will pass? There have been an increasing number of reports of late hinting

New abridged pocket dictionary of Hebrew language consists of four entries: Jew, Goyim, Anti-semite, Holocaust.

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A bill sponsored by MK Gideon Ezra (Kadima ) and seven other Knesset members proposes to ban residents of East Jerusalem from serving as tour guides in the city, potentially putting hundreds out of work. Ezra, who said he was temporarily freezing work on the bill so as not to damage the negotiations with Palestinians, said in the introduction to the bill he believed Palestinian residents of Jerusalem should not be certified guides because they did not represent Israel’s national

New Gallup poll shows that 16 of Abraham Foxman's 37 chins supports a Palestinian state while 20 oppose (one abstained).

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Anti-Defamation League head says “pipe dream” of declaring statehood without making concessions or sacrifices must be given up. So said Anti-Defamation League national director Abe Foxman in an interview with The Jerusalem Post Tuesday night. Foxman, who has been a close adviser to American presidents on Israel and other issues for decades, said immediate action was needed by Obama in light of reports that the Palestinians were considering declaring a state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The declaration,

In an important new development in the peace process, American Jewish leaders declare that universe belongs to Jewish people, but willing to make "painful concessions" on Pluto.

On Friday, October 22nd, 2010 in News, The Israel-Palestine Conflict.

JERUSALEM – The U.N.’s Mideast envoy on Thursday criticized Israel’s renewed building in West Bank settlements in response to an Associated Press investigation. The AP report showed that Israel has begun building at least 544 apartments since a 10-month halt on new housing starts in the settlements expired late last month. Palestinians charge that construction in the settlements is aimed at preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state, and the issue has brought recently renewed U.S.-brokered peace talks to a

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