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FROM A CORRESPONDENT: I did a quick google search for the “renounce being Jewish” quote. Here’s what I found: Radio Islam (whatever the hell that is) has a page that comments (favorably) on and quotes from The Holocaust Industry . On the page are some links to other Radio Islam pieces. One of them is entitled “Jews, who want to be decent human beings, have to renounce being Jewish.” If you click the link, you find that the quote

Here's a fool-proof method to stop the spread of anti-Semitism: Israel should re-christen itself the "State of the Vandal People."

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Jan. 25, 2010 BENJAMIN WEINTHAL, Jerusalem Post correspondent in BERLIN , THE JERUSALEM POST The result of the Jewish Agency’s report released on Sunday showing global anti-Semitism spiraling out of control recalls the memorable line in the film Casablanca, in which police Captain Renault announces that Rick’s Cafe must be closed because of illegal activity. “I’m shocked, shocked to discover that gambling is going on here!” says Renault while being handed the proceeds of his gambling wins. While some observers

In embarrassing diplomatic row, Wiesel denounces German Chancellor Merkel: "She promised to pay me two million dollars per word. I spent all night with my dictionary connecting words randomly to soak these Nazis for every dollar I could squeeze out of them. Now she says that she promised to pay me two million LIRA per word."

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Anlässlich der Veranstaltung des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus am 27. Januar 2000 hielt der Friedensnobelpreisträger Elie Wiesel eine Gedenkrede. Address to the German Bundestag Berlin, 27 January 2000 President Rau, President of the Bundestag, President of the Bundesrat, My dear Chancellor Schröder, Members of the cabinet, Distinguished Members of the Bundestag, Excellencies, Friends, Allow me to tell you a story. But, first, I hope you understand that I speak to you as a witness. When a witness speaks,

Date: The year 2050Setting: In the past 40 years Israel has nuked almost every country on the planetScript: Invoking the memory of the Holocaust for the 100th consecutive year, Prime Minister Bibi Jr. warns world that Nauru poses existential threat to Israel — "If we don't obliterate it now, the evil will spread."

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Prime minister says on eve of International Holocaust Memorial Day, ‘There is evil that can spread, which threatens security of Jews.’ While he did not mention Iran explicitly, Netanyahu noted: ‘There are new haters of Judaism with new reasons to destroy Jewish state. This is our concern’ Ronen Medzini Published: 01.25.10, 14:07 / Israel News Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Yad Vashem on the eve of International Holocaust Memorial Day Monday. During his speech at the memorial, the prime minister

Annual Jewish Agency report shows that 42% of West Europeans tell the truth

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Annual Jewish Agency report cites poll finding 42% of West Europeans believe Jews exploit past to extort money. Nearly half of Western European believe that Jews exploit the persecution of their past as a method of extorting money, according to an annual Jewish Agency report released on Sunday. A joint report on anti-Semitism conducted by the Agency and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs found that 42 percent of those polled by the University of Bielefeld in Germany agreed that “Jews

Foxman donates 26 of his 37 chins to the memory of THE HOLLOW-CAUST

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Traditionally, it is around Yom HaShoah that the history and lessons of the Holocaust are in focus, and we pause on that special day to honor the victims. As a Holocaust survivor it has always been very important for me to participate in Yom HaShoah events either in the United States, in Israel, or wherever in the world I might be on that day. A recent and welcome recognition of the Shoah is the annual commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance

Holocaust Hucksters Inc. to Sue Estate of Abraham Lincoln for Holocaust compensation; class-action lawsuit on behalf of 27,553,364 needy Holocaust victims alleges that former president used Jewish slave labor to build his log cabin

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By Patricia Zapor, Catholic News Service Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionSend to friendSend to friendPDF versionPDF version WASHINGTON — A California appeals court dismissed a lawsuit against the Vatican bank seeking restitution for Holocaust survivors who said the bank stored and laundered millions of dollars worth of assets looted by a Nazi-backed regime in Croatia. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Dec. 29 upheld a federal District Court ruling that said that as an agency of a sovereign state, the Vatican

Mickey Mouse sends Donald Duck to Jerusalem to speak on anti-Disneyism

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Gerald Caplan Published on Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2009 11:43AM EST Last updated on Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2009 11:47AM EST Since I wrote last week, the Harper government’s bizarre embrace of Canadian Jewry continues to tighten. On Dec. 16, Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, Multiculturalism, was in Jerusalem speaking at a conference on combatting anti-Semitism. All Canadians should know that Kenney and his government will not abide anti-Semitism. That, of course, is in sharp contrast to all other Canadian political

Climatologists reconvene in emergency session at Copenhagen; Delegates to discuss effects of disappearance of Auschwitz sign on polar ice cap and carbon emissions; UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon expresses "concern" after Israel threatens to nuke Amazon rainforest if sign isn't returned

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By David Hirsh John Mann is a British Labor MP who explains that there isn’t a single Jew among the industrial workers, farmers and retired coal miners in his constituency. He is one of the handful of MPs who came out of the recent parliamentary-expenses scandals cleaner than he went in. He was honored with an award at the Knesset during last week’s conference of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism, for his work in Britain and internationally against anti-Jewish

Washington to convene international conference on missing Auschwitz sign. Workshops include: Ben Bernanke, "Impact of the Auschwitz sign's disappearance on the elasticity of the long-term business cycle and short-term interest rates"; Stanley Fish, "A Lacanian analysis of the Auschwitz sign as a discursive Foucauldian trope"; Dominick LaCapra, "A Derridean analysis of the Auschwitz sign as a discursive Lacanian trope"; Elie Wiesel, "There was only one Holocaust. (May I have my honorarium now?)"; Abraham Foxman, "Contrasting and comparing the disappearance of the Auschwitz sign with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima"; Tom Friedman, "The Auschwitz sign's disappearance as a metaphor for high-tech industry in Shanghai".

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BERLIN — It was hard to know what was more shocking: the haplessness of the thieves who stole the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign looming over Auschwitz, or the laxness of the security protecting this emblem of the Holocaust’s perversity and horror. The thieves first tried to steal the sign, which means “Work Makes You Free,” last Thursday evening. But they lacked the right tools. Undetected, they drove to a hardware shop in the nearby town of Oswiecim and bought better