Those damn fringes

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“Jewish Community Relations Council, You Do Not Speak For Us!” POSTED: 4:05 pm PDT August 22, 2006 | / Bay City News SAN FRANCISCO — Police arrested 14 men and women Tuesday after they blocked the doors of the Jewish Community Federation in downtown San Francisco in protest of U.S. involvement in Middle East conflicts. Bound together by ropes and metal tubing, six of the protesters sat directly in front of the building’s glass doors, which had been covered

A Nation of Kidnappers

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Reference: 95/2006 Date: 22/8/2006 Press Release Following a spate of earlier kidnappings, on 20 August the IOF kidnapped Dr. Mahmoud Al Ramhi, Secretary of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), just one day after the kidnapping of the Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Dr. Naser El-Din El-Sha’er, which took place at 4:30am. Further, two weeks ago, on 5 August at approximately 21:30, the IOF kidnapped the Palestinian parliamentary speaker, Dr Aziz Dweik. This kidnapping is the fourth of

Amnesty: Israel committed war crimes

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EXCERPT: “Israel’s assertion that the attacks on the infrastructure were lawful is manifestly wrong. Many of the violations identified in our report are war crimes, including indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks. The evidence strongly suggests that the extensive destruction of power and water plants, as well as the transport infrastructure vital for food and other humanitarian relief, was deliberate and an integral part of a military strategy,” said Kate Gilmore, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Amnesty International. The Israeli government has

10,000 Kidnapped Palestinians

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By Amira Hass On Jerusalem’s Jabotinsky Street, opposite the President’s Residence, a medium-sized plaque is fixed on a locked gate, enclosing a broad building and a lovely garden: “This building was the location of the British Mandate Government’s High Military Court, which held the trials of the Hebrew resistance fighters from the Haganah, Etzel and Lehi.” The sign bears the emblems of the Jerusalem municipality and the three resistance organizations. It further notes: “The resistance fighters refused to acknowledge the

Long Live the Spirit of the Sixties

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Photos and info on the Philly banner drop, NYC demo: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, August 22 Contact: Philadelphia Jews Stand Against Israel’s War Crimes Activists Hang Banners Calling for an End to U.S. Military Aid to Israel PHILADELPHIA BRIDGES Three banners were unfurled during this morning’s rush hour from bridges across Philadelphia saying: “U.S. Jews Say: Israel, Stop Killing Civilians,” “U.S. Jews Stand Against Israel’s War Crimes,” and “U.S. Jews Say: End U.S. Military $ to Israel.” The

ADL Honors Israel's Sensitivity to Environment

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By Hugh Sykes The conflict in Lebanon has caused devastating damage to the local economy and environment of the ancient port of Byblos. Byblos was not bombed, but it has been deeply damaged by the Israel-Hezbollah war. The harbour and the rocks and the beaches of Byblos are disfigured with oil. It spread up the coast in a thick slick after the Israelis attacked storage tanks at the Jiyyeh power station south of Beirut. Berj Hatjian, the senior civil servant

Surgical strikers in need of brain surgery

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By Gideon Levy It’s hot, very hot, in the Gaza Strip. But over the last two months, ever since Israel bombed the new power station in the center of the Strip, the heat has become unbearable. The bombing has disrupted the supply of electricity to some 1.5 million residents; food in refrigerators goes bad, the patients in the hospitals groan, industry and work are paralyzed, traffic is gridlocked and there is a severe water shortage. On the night of June

Bull's-eye: Dersh can't point to a single error

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By Alan M. Dershowitz The level of “academic” discourse on the Middle-East reached a new low—quite a feat considering some of the old lows—when the notorious Jewish anti-Semite and Holocaust-justice denier Norman Finkelstein wrote a screed suggesting that I be targeted “for assassination” because of my views on Israel. The obscene article was accompanied by an obscene cartoon drawn by “Latuff“, a frequent accomplice of Finkelstein. The cartoon portrayed me as masturbating in rapturous joy while viewing images of dead

Eyes Wide Shut

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By Gideon Levy The right won. The one clear result of this war is that the left suffered another fatal blow and the rightist camp was strengthened. The prevailing wisdom now is that not only is there nobody to talk to, there is nothing to talk about. Not only did we withdraw from Gaza and get Hamas and Qassams, we withdrew from Lebanon and got Hezbollah and rockets. The conclusion: no more withdrawals. Just before Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman

Jonathan Cook – sensible, as always

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by Jonathan Cook NAZARETH, 16 August 2006. During Israel’s war against the people of Lebanon, our media, politicians and diplomats have colluded with the aggressors by distracting us with irrelevancies, by concocting controversies, and by framing the language of diplomacy. In the fragile truce that is currently holding while Lebanon waits for Israel to withdraw, we are simply getting more of the same. One example of the many distractions during the war that neatly reveals their true purpose is the

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