Mickey Mouse sends Donald Duck to Jerusalem to speak on anti-Disneyism

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Gerald Caplan Published on Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2009 11:43AM EST Last updated on Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2009 11:47AM EST Since I wrote last week, the Harper government’s bizarre embrace of Canadian Jewry continues to tighten. On Dec. 16, Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, Multiculturalism, was in Jerusalem speaking at a conference on combatting anti-Semitism. All Canadians should know that Kenney and his government will not abide anti-Semitism. That, of course, is in sharp contrast to all other Canadian political


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In a report [.pdf] published this week, Amnesty International, Oxfam, Christian Aid and other leading aid agencies decried Israel’s ongoing siege of Gaza. The siege amounts, they concluded, to the illegal “collective punishment” of a civilian population, and its effect is to “systematically … [destroy] the hopes of Gaza’s people for social and economic development and of its business sector for growth and trade; and with them … the key foundations for a just and sustainable peace”. Next week will

Israel denounces Obama administration envoy after she says "Sieg" but forgets "Heil!"

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By Barak Ravid and Natasha Mozgovaya, Haaretz Correspondents A recent remark by the head of the U.S. administration’s Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, Hannah Rosenthal, has sparked a wave of harsh criticism in Jerusalem. Rosenthal told Haaretz earlier this week that comments made by Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, against the liberal Jewish lobby J Street were “most unfortunate.” Senior government officials told Haaretz on Friday that “We were surprised at Ms. Rosenthal’s remarks, as reported

How Israelis mark the birth of Christ

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With self-detonating grenades, thinking bullets and robot warriors, humans on the frontline could soon be a thing of the past. When armies clash in the not-too-distant future, remotely-operated robotic weapons will fight the enemy on land, in the air and at sea, without a human soldier anywhere on the battlefield. The first robotic systems are already being used by the Israel Defense Forces and other armies across the world, and only budgetary constraints seem to be keeping science fiction from

Important developments in the UK

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Whistleblowers say top Zionist institutions in unprecedented crisis By Redress Information & Analysis 26 December 2009 Britain’s leading Jewish institutions are facing their worst crisis in living memory as their loyalty to the United Kingdom and support for basic universal principles of human rights and common decency come under growing scrutiny. In recent weeks Redress Information & Analysis has been approached by a number of existing and former employees and volunteers of prominent Jewish bodies, all pointing to an acute

Settlement Freeze?

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If there were any doubt of Benjamin Netanyahu’s commitment to the settlement enterprise, he dispelled it this week. No Entrance To Bibi’s Freeze Inspectors,” reads the long, professionally printed banner hanging at the eastern entrance to Ariel. Ariel has a reputation of being a relatively moderate settlement. Its residents are mostly secular suburbanites; its eternally re-elected mayor belongs to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s mainstream right-wing Likud. The Ariel finger — the heavily settled strip of land joining Ariel to Israel

Climatologists reconvene in emergency session at Copenhagen; Delegates to discuss effects of disappearance of Auschwitz sign on polar ice cap and carbon emissions; UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon expresses "concern" after Israel threatens to nuke Amazon rainforest if sign isn't returned

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By David Hirsh John Mann is a British Labor MP who explains that there isn’t a single Jew among the industrial workers, farmers and retired coal miners in his constituency. He is one of the handful of MPs who came out of the recent parliamentary-expenses scandals cleaner than he went in. He was honored with an award at the Knesset during last week’s conference of the Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism, for his work in Britain and internationally against anti-Jewish

Washington to convene international conference on missing Auschwitz sign. Workshops include: Ben Bernanke, "Impact of the Auschwitz sign's disappearance on the elasticity of the long-term business cycle and short-term interest rates"; Stanley Fish, "A Lacanian analysis of the Auschwitz sign as a discursive Foucauldian trope"; Dominick LaCapra, "A Derridean analysis of the Auschwitz sign as a discursive Lacanian trope"; Elie Wiesel, "There was only one Holocaust. (May I have my honorarium now?)"; Abraham Foxman, "Contrasting and comparing the disappearance of the Auschwitz sign with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima"; Tom Friedman, "The Auschwitz sign's disappearance as a metaphor for high-tech industry in Shanghai".

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BERLIN — It was hard to know what was more shocking: the haplessness of the thieves who stole the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign looming over Auschwitz, or the laxness of the security protecting this emblem of the Holocaust’s perversity and horror. The thieves first tried to steal the sign, which means “Work Makes You Free,” last Thursday evening. But they lacked the right tools. Undetected, they drove to a hardware shop in the nearby town of Oswiecim and bought better

And a HEIL HITLER! to you too.

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President Shimon Peres on Thursday wished the Christian world a merry Christmas and a peaceful new year, as religious leaders ushered in holiday celebrations in the Holy Land. “I want to wish each of you and all of you – all of us – a happy [and] merry Christmas,” Peres said in a clip he posted on his YouTube channel. “Let’s pray that the next year will be a year of peace, of brotherhood, of tolerance of affluence.” Also Thursday,

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