Why Palestine WILL win!

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December 5, 2010 at 09:22 (Activism, Associate Post, International Solidarity, Palestine) click on image to enlarge Photos © by Bud Korotzer Art student Emily Henochowicz who lost an eye during a protest against the IDF’s raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in late May continues her activities to free Palestine… ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~   ******   Chippy Dee adds….. The event went off flawlessly.  There were about 10 skaters on the ice (some looking like

Revised British law limited to African ex-dictators

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LONDON (AFP) – Britain sought Wednesday to soothe strained ties with Israel by publishing an amendment to a law that puts visiting officials at risk of arrest for alleged war crimes, sparking outrage from rights groups. Foreign Secretary William Hague said the change would ensure that private arrest warrants for offences under certain international laws, including the Geneva Convention, would first have to be approved by the chief prosecutor. The move was welcomed by Israel, whose politicians and officials have


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“”   In His Name                                                        28 – 11 – 2010   The speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the 22nd University Graduation ceremony at Sayyed Ashuhada (pbuh) Compound in Beirut Southern Suburb.   I Take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the World. Peace be on our Master and Prophet – The Seal of Prophets – Mohammad and

Charles Glass on Counterfeit Clerics

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U.S. Intelligence Falls for Make-Believe Mullah by Charles Glass November 29, 2010 Sometimes a story brings an era into focus, and that story now is the saga of fake Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour. He was ostensibly a senior Taliban official, and American bureaucrats thought they were negotiating with him. “But now, it turns out,” Carlotta Gall and Dexter Filkins wrote in a brilliantly understated New York Times report, “Mr. Mansour was apparently not Mr. Mansour at all.” Wait. It gets

Creating the pretext for an attack – but will it work?

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If the Hariri tribunal indict several Hezbollah operatives, as expected, the militant group could use an escalation against Israel to divert the political storm. By Avi Issacharoff It is not clear in which direction Lebanon is heading: Is it a country on the verge of collapse? Is it heading toward a civil war? A war against Israel? Or is it just facing another political crisis that too will pass? There have been an increasing number of reports of late hinting

Comic relief

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Organized by Islamic Society at Imperial College London, “Justice Week” described as forum “to highlight Islamic perspective of injustices.” LONDON – One of the world’s most prestigious science- based universities is this week hosting an anti-West week accused of peddling “jihadist propaganda” in which controversial American anti-Israel activist and author Norman Finkelstein will appear, alongside Islamists accused of influencing perpetrators of terrorist acts. Organized by the Islamic Society at Imperial College London, “Justice Week” is described as an “exciting new

German people reject Nazism and Skinheads

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November 27, 2010 — Berlin — AJC is deeply disappointed with the decision of the Berlin Maritim Hotel to allow Norman Finkelstein, a virulent critic of Israel, to speak on its premises. “Providing a platform for anti-Israel and anti-Semitic invective surely cannot be in the interest of a major German hotel,” said Deidre Berger, Director of AJC Berlin. “Maritim Hotel executives should put their civic obligations before their business interests.” AJC had informed the hotel weeks ago in a letter

Bringing D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y to the West Bank

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Published: November 21 2010 17:20 | Last updated: November 21 2010 17:20 Palestinian security forces in Bethlehem. General Intelligence and Preventive Security officers have been accused of human rights abuses Naiema Abu Ayyash’s worst fears were confirmed this month when she finally managed to visit her husband in Jericho prison. Badr Abu Ayyash, 42, a farmer and local politician in the west Bank, was arrested by the Palestinian Authority’s Preventive Security unit on September 14. Aside from two brief and

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