More on Allan Nairn v. Indonesia

On Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 in News.

by Damien Kingsbury American journalist Allan Nairn’s game of cat and mouse with the Indonesian military is a brave attempt to show that it continues to represent the greatest challenge to Indonesia’s process of reform and democratisation. It is also one that could well see him spending time – potentially up to six years – in an Indonesian prison. Nairn recently detailed how the Indonesian military’s special forces, Kopassus, continued to be involved in illegal activities, including murdering civilians. His

On the youtube lady who cried and the youtube commentators who vomited: A close friend reflects

On Saturday, March 27th, 2010 in Letters To Finkelstein, News.

Referring to your film “American Radical”, I recently saw a scene from it which has become especially famous for your excellent response and handling of the situation, namely the “Crying Girl” scene, on youTube. I then read several hundred of the comments and was utterly aghast for several reasons. Unfortunately, the great majority of the viewers have completely misunderstood the scene. The common consensus is that she is German-Jewish crying ‘crocodile tears’ for Holocaust victims. Nothing could be further from

Greek to Greek

On Saturday, March 27th, 2010 in News.

Hi, For your consideration…and with sincere respect. I’m Greek Orthodox. I live in Toronto. I’m also Norman’s webmaster. I volunteered for him after the Gaza massacre last year. I found out about him and got in touch with him after trying to learn more about the massacre and the Israel-Palestine conflict in general. I quickly found that he is the clearest, most accurate, concise and most thorough scholar on the topic. I, like most decent people, was HORRIFIED at the

Another Holocaust victim, Part II

On Saturday, March 27th, 2010 in News, The Israel-Palestine Conflict.

(AP) RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Richmond police say the bullet that hit a window of Republican Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor’s office had been randomly fired skyward. Amid reports of threats and vandalism against Democrats who voted Sunday for sweeping health care reforms, Cantor said at a Washington news conference Thursday that a bullet was fired into his Richmond office. In a news release, Richmond police said that the bullet had been fired into the air early Tuesday. It hit the

Another Holocaust victim, Part I

On Saturday, March 27th, 2010 in News, The Israel-Palestine Conflict.

U.S. Congressman Eric Cantor said Thursday that he believed many of the threats leveled against him since he assumed office may be in part to the fact that he is Jewish. “There’s been a lot of reports of threats and the potential for violence against members of Congress,” said Cantor, who is the only Jewish Republican Congressman and serves as the minority whip in the House. “Let me be clear, I do not condone violence. We condemn violence – period,”

Finkelstein interview: No struggle, no progress

On Saturday, March 27th, 2010 in News, The Israel-Palestine Conflict.

Adwan Mohamad and Uffe Kaels Auring interview Norman Finkelstein in Copenhagen, Denmark, on November 13, 2009 to learn about the Oslo peace process, the role of the US and EU, Gaza and the Goldstone Report, Palestinian collaborators, and more: The Peace Process: A Fig Leaf for Israel to Annex Palestinian Territories What does it take to get the peace process “back on track”? We should judge the phenomenon by the practical results, not by the label. There’s been no peace

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