Dershowitz is right – Israel doesn't fire on cities, it obliterates them

On Saturday, July 29th, 2006 in Beyond Chutzpah, News.

Editor’s note: “Amongst cabinet members, there are differences of opinion about the policy of deploying IDF troops in southern Lebanon, and perhaps even deeper into the country. Next to those demanding “to flatten” villages prior to IDF’s entrance in order to prevent ambushes to the tune of what happened yesterday in Bint Jbeil, there are also minister calling to limit IDF operations in order to avoid difficult losses and to prevent widened international criticism.” Cabinet decides not to broaden ground

Princeton undergrad to Dean Kagan of Harvard Law: Why are you hiding?

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From: dmandic[at]Princeton.EDU To: ekagan[at] CC: normangf[at] Subject: Fw: A Demand for Censuring Alan Dershowitz Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 13:25:04 +0700 Dean Kagan, I am following up on a letter I sent to you in April of this year concerning Professor Dershowitz (to which you never responded, I hope with good reason). It has come to my attention that you are dismissing letters like mine – which encourage censure against Dershowitz – because you were misinformed that they are “form

Dersh Exposed

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Re: Arbour Must Go, Alan Dershowitz, July 21. Professor Dershowitz’s article criticizes Louise Arbour, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and her warning that Israeli leaders in the present attack on Lebanon could have personal criminal responsibility where their actions constitute a “foreseeable and unacceptable targeting of civilians.” Dershowitz cites out-of-date examples of mass civilian deaths ordered by leaders of the past, e.g. Churchill and Truman. It is true there were no prosecutions for carpet bombing Dresden or the dropping

Dershowitz: "Israel does everything reasonable to minimize civilian causalties" (Wall Street Journal, 9 July 2006)

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By Ed O’Loughlin PARKED outside the small general hospital in Tyre is a badly refrigerated lorry container in which are stacked the bodies of 91 Lebanese civilians, 55 of them children. The bodies have been placed inside black plastic rubbish bags and labelled in anticipation of the time, days or weeks from now, when their surviving relatives – if any – can come to collect them. “It’s a disaster. It’s making me cry,” the hospital’s director, Dr Salman Zeineddine said.

"The Israeli Air Force has never deliberately targeted a large civlian population center, and its leaders have said its morality would not permit it to do so." — Alan Dershowitz, Preemption: A knife that cuts both ways (p. 100)

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The UN’s Jan Egeland has condemned the devastation caused by Israeli air strikes in Beirut, saying it is a violation of humanitarian law. Mr Egeland, the UN’s emergency relief chief, described the destruction as “horrific” as he toured the city. He arrived hours after another Israeli strike on Beirut. Israel also hit Sidon, a port city in the south crammed with refugees, for the first time. In Haifa, two people died as Hezbollah rockets struck the Israeli city. Fifteen people

Where to begin?

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The threat of mutually assured destruction worked for the United States during the Cold War because it had proved its willingness to drop nuclear bombs on enemy cities at the end of World War II. It might work less well for Israel, because the Israeli Air Force has never deliberately targeted a large civilian population center, and its leaders have said its morality would not permit it do so. Alan Dershowitz, Preemption: A knife that cuts both ways (p. 100)

Dersh sees a conspiracy

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From: Brendan Keane brendanbrendanbrendan[at] Date: Jul 18, 2006 12:09 PM Subject: Re: slur against a Holocaust survivor on Harvard site To: “Alan M. Dershowitz” dersh[at], ekagan[at] Dean Elena Kagan: I assure you, it was not a form letter. Finkelstein would never spell Lebanon incorrectly. I am glad to know that others have found Alan Dershowitz’s slur disgusting. Sincerely, Brendan Keane From: “Alan M. Dershowitz” dersh[at] To: “Brendan Keane” brendanbrendanbrendan[at]>, EKagan[at] CC: normangf[at], letters[at],derek_bok[at] Subject: Re: slur against a Holocaust survivor

Die Tageszeitung Review of Beyond Chutzpah

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Oliver Tolmein: “Contrived Controversies: Norman G. Finkelstein fights ‘anti-Semitism as a political weapon’ with real commitment, but his argumentation is a tad too simple,” Die Tageszeitung, 1 July 2006. “Boycott Israel! Goods, kibbutzim, and beaches!” we used to read on Hamburg’s Hafenstrasse squats. This slogan triggered off a vehement political dispute about anti-Semitism on the Left. Most of those groups who were arguing with one another back then disbanded a long time ago; but replies to the question “What’s your

Le Monde Diplomatique on Beyond Chutzpah

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by Ibrahim Warde Beyond Chutzpah passe au peigne fin un ouvrage titré The Case for Israel, ayant pour auteur Alan Dershowitz, avocat, professeur de droit á Harvard et personnalité très médiatisée. Le livre de Dershowitz brosse un portrait idyllique de la politique israélienne dans les territoires occupés : l’Etat hébreu respecterait scrupuleusement le droit international ; en matière de droits humains, son bilan serait « généralement impeccable » ; les soldats n’auraient « jamais tué délibérément un seul civil »

Protesting attack on academic freedom

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A Grave Injustice at DePaul University By BILL CHRISTISON Former CIA analyst I plan to demonstrate publicly but without violence this coming Sunday (June 17, 2007) against the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Rome for condoning the actions of one of its subordinate units De Paul University in Chicago, Illinois, USA in denying tenure for Dr. Norman Finkelstein because of the latter,s criticism of the policies of the government of Israel and the government of the United States in