KKK Designs Public School Curriculum on Slavery

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City council approves curriculum on Israel initiated by Israeli Consulate in New York; curriculum to be integrated into training program for educators teaching in 1,400 public high schools by Yaniv Halili NEW YORK – The New York City Council’s education committee approved a curriculum on Israel initiated by the public relations department of the Israeli Consulate in New York. The curriculum will be integrated into the training program for educators teaching in 1,400 public high schools in New York City.

HRW v. Dershowitz

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Editor’s note: See also Human Rights Watch: ISRAELI GOVERNMENT WAR CRIMINAL By SARAH LEAH WHITSON, Middle East Director, Human Rights Watch, New York Armchair sleuths Sir, – Avi Bell’s and Alan Dershowitz’s attacks on Human Rights Watch (“Whose war crimes in Lebanon?,” Daily Paper, and “What is ‘Human Rights Watch’ watching?” Upfront, August 25) illustrate why human rights investigations shouldn’t be conducted from an armchair. Rather than interviewing eyewitnesses and inspecting bomb sites, Bell and Dershowitz peruse their newspapers, but

Finkelstein on DN! — No New Antisemitism

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Editor’s note: See also Kill Arabs, Cry Anti-Semitism. Listen / Watch: Democracy Now! Democracy Now! interviews Congressmember Anthony Weiner (D – NY) about his attempt to bar the Palestinian delegation at the United Nations. In May, Weiner infamously stated the delegation “should start packing their little Palestinian terrorist bags.” Weiner says Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas does not represent the PLO and that the group is listed as a terrorist organization by the US State Department. Author and Professor Norman

Rabbinical Dershowitzes

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Editor’s note: For Dershowitz’ advocacy of Nazi-style tactics see Should Alan Dershowitz Target Himself for Assassination? with endnotes. MATTHEW WAGNER The Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) has called on Israel to reevaluate its military rules of war in light of Hizbullah’s “unconscionable use of civilians, hospitals, ambulances, mosques and the like as human shields, cannon fodder and weapons of asymmetric warfare.” The RCA made the statement at the end of a three-day solidarity mission last week in conjunction with Emunah,

Bull's-eye: Dersh can't point to a single error

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By Alan M. Dershowitz The level of “academic” discourse on the Middle-East reached a new low—quite a feat considering some of the old lows—when the notorious Jewish anti-Semite and Holocaust-justice denier Norman Finkelstein wrote a screed suggesting that I be targeted “for assassination” because of my views on Israel. The obscene article was accompanied by an obscene cartoon drawn by “Latuff“, a frequent accomplice of Finkelstein. The cartoon portrayed me as masturbating in rapturous joy while viewing images of dead


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By Noam Chomsky Alan Dershowitz’s regular little performances are eminently ignorable, including the one reproduced below. But since I’ve been asked several times for comments on this one, a few follow. Dershowitz’s opens by writing that “Chomsky is circulating a letter which he got two naïve Nobel Prize winners–the playwright Harold Pinter and the poet José Saramago–to sign.” The rest goes on with “Chomsky claims,” etc., and ends with a warning to those who “sign a Chomsky letter without checking

Warning! Alert! Jewish students insufficiently Nazified

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Editor’s note: For more on the Israel lobby’s organizing activities see The Real Threat of “The Lobby”?, Behind the campaign to rescind divestment and Democracy at Work. By Gary Rosenblatt – Editor And Publisher In the first salvo of what promises to be a turbulent season of anti-Israel activities at American colleges, a group of students and others at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh protested on July 26 against “Israeli terrorism” in Lebanon. A counter protest was held by Jewish students.

Poor Israel: Mass murder getting bad p.r.

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By Julie Burchill A few weeks back it was my birthday, and my equally non-Jewish journalist friend Chas Newkey-Burden took his life in his hands and presented me with a cuddly toy. Now, normally I feel that people who bother with cuddly toys over the age of eight are either mad and/or prostitutes, but this little sweetie stole my heart. A honey-brown camel with a heart-melting smile and a jaunty cap, he proudly wore an Israeli Army uniform with a

Dershowitz again

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By Alan Dershowitz The uniqueness of the Holocaust was not the Nazi’s determination to kill the Jews of Germany and even of neighboring Poland. Other genocides, such as those by the Cambodians and the Turks, sought to rid particular areas of so called undesirables by killing them. The utter uniqueness of the Holocaust was the Nazi plan to “ingather” all the Jews of the world to the death camp and end the Jewish “race” forever. It almost succeeded. The Nazis