Gideon Levy On Waltzing Lies

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By Gideon Levy, Haaretz Correspondent Everyone now has his fingers crossed for Ari Folman and all the creative artists behind “Waltz with Bashir” to win the Oscar on Sunday. A first Israeli Oscar? Why not? However, it must also be noted that the film is infuriating, disturbing, outrageous and deceptive. It deserves an Oscar for the illustrations and animation – but a badge of shame for its message. It was not by accident that when he won the Golden Globe,

Bruce Lee

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* Part 1: “You say you had some input into UN Resolution 242…” add video to your blog UN Resolution 242: Lord WHO? Internal investigations of the IDF v. human rights organizations “the Extremist” and his evidence “the kind of” two-state settlement the debate on UN 242: 3 volumes v. 1 Orlando Sentinel editorial from yr. 2000 * Part 2: “Listen to his source — this is a scholar…” add video to your blog high school syllabus & —

New Ha'aretz "funnies" section

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By Abraham H. Foxman Recent events in the Middle East – the war in Lebanon, the emergence of Hamas among the Palestinians, the threat of a nuclear Iran – are often cited as evidence that Israel’s policies and behavior play into the hands of Islamic extremists. I would argue, however, that two other conclusions are far more appropriate. First, it should be clearer than ever that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, rather than being a catalyst for Islamic extremism, is a reflection

It seems his crowds are getting smaller and smaller

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UCLA International Studies comment By Jennifer Mishory, Daily Bruin reporter, In talk co-sponsored by CNES, the Harvard professor and author argues “obsessive” focus on Israel takes time and energy away from the protest of other more serious human rights violations perpetrated by other countries. I condemn Israel for its use of cluster bombs in the last days of the [Lebanese-Israeli war]. This article was first published in The Daily Bruin. The online Bruin article is accompanied by a Daily

"Israel is the only country in the Middle East to have abolished any kind of torture, in fact as well as in law" – Alan Dershowitz, The Case for Israel, p. 206.

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By Nir Hasson, Haaretz Correspondent Twenty-four hours before the abduction of Corporal Gilad Shalit, Israel Defense Forces soldiers broke into the home of Mustafa Abu Ma’amar in Rafah. Special forces soldiers arrested him and his brother in their respective homes. A few weeks later, Abu Ma’amar told an attorney for the Public Committee Against Torture: “One or two days later (I discovered afterward that it was the same morning the soldier had been kidnapped), three interrogators came to where I

The Felix Frankfurter Chair at Harvard Law School Lying? Pray tell me it ain't so

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Editor’s note: Below is Gordon’s respone to Dershowitz’ latest in The Jerusalem Post Anti-Semitism? You Just Don’t Like What I Say! By NEVE GORDON Alan Dershowitz, Harvard’s Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, has decided to attack me personally, thinking that if he undermines my reputation he can save his own. Paradoxically, he manages to prove one thing in his recent diatribe in the Jerusalem Post: that he is a consistent man. As in his book The Case for Israel, here

Dershowitz again

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Editor’s note: Neve Gordon’s response. See also Harvard undergrad sacked for pulling a Dersh, Little Prissy Al and Does this bore get paid per word? BY Alan Dershowitz, It’s ironic that those who shout loudest about freedom of speech for themselves and their friends are often the first to try to silence those with whom they disagree. A case in point is Dr. Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University, who has defamed so many people, as well as the nation of

Harvard undergrad sacked for pulling a Dersh

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Editor’s note: See What if a Harvard student did this? for Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz’s failure to acknowledge his reliance on second sources. By ANTON S. TROIANOVSKI, Crimson Staff Writer The Crimson last night retracted an Oct. 16 column published on its editorial page after determining that the writer had failed to attribute the source of several quotations in her piece, which appear to have been lifted from a blog and an online magazine. In an editors’ note posted on

That "guy"

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By MICHAEL LERNER As the editor of the world’s largest circulation liberal Jewish magazine, Tikkun, I was not surprised to see myself being denounced in the pages of The Jerusalem Post. Having articulated in Tikkun a progressive middle path that is both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine – insisting that both sides have been insensitive to the humanity of the other, and that both sides can only achieve lasting security when they act in a spirit of openheartedness and non-violence to the

w/ Transcript: Q&A & end of talk , (Santa Cruz, CA)

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Editor’s note: Transcript below video. add video to your blog Transcript: Question and Answer section RUSH transcript Questioner: …inaudible..(auditorium echo) Finkelstien: I think there are 2 separate issues on the question of Arafat. Namely, number 1, as a leader of the Palestinian people, and that’s a responsibility for Palestinians to judge and not myself, and the second issue is whether he was an obstacle to resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict. The second issue, it seems to me, we can look at