KPFA radio interview (12.28.2005)

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by Nora Barrows Flashpoints Radio (12.28.2005); Listen to Mp3. Israel laid siege to the Northern Gaza strip overnight, attacking roads and fields, shortly after Israeli occupation forces announced that they were implementing the so-called buffer zone after a home-made Qassam rocket was allegedly fired across the border near the Israeli town of Sederot. This attack coincided with Israeli warplanes open firing on southern Lebanon, in an apparent response to two Palestinian-made rockets that were lobbed over the border. Meanwhile, bulldozers

Dershowitz Letters

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UPDATE 11.27.2006: Moment of Truth — Will Dershowitz Release the Letters? PDF originals: April 13. 2004 | April 30, 2004 | June 16, 2004 | November 19, 2004 HTML transcripts: April 13. 2004 | April 30, 2004 | June 16, 2004 | November 19, 2004 ALAN M. DERSHOWITZ 1575 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE CAMBRIDGE*MASSACHUSETTS*02138 April 13,2004 Printable PDF Mr. Colin Robinson Publisher The New Press 38 Greene Street New York, NY 10013 PERSONAL, CONFIDENTIAL AND – OFF-THE-RECORD COMMUNINICATION – NOT FOR PUBLICATION

The New Year Begins

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By Steven Plaut Q: How do you know when America has crossed the line into an oppressive, occupational empire? A: When DePaul University begins studying it. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at DePaul and its Dean, one Chuck Suchar (a sociologist), have officially announced a “College Theme Series” entitled “Confronting Empire” for the 2005-6 academic year. This is a DePaul faculty initiative involving the participation of various departments and programs throughout the college. The organizers call themselves the

Desch v. Dershowitz in The American Conservative.

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Editor’s note: Finkelstein comments at the bottom. Desch’s review | Dershowitz letter | Desch’s reply | Finkelstein’s comment Dershowitz v.Desch The American Conservative | January 16, 2006 | Forum section Printable PDF of article In our Dec. 5 issue, The American Conservative published a review of Norman Finkelstein’s Beyond Chuzpah by contributing editor Michael Desch. Alan Dershowitz, whose scholarship was critiqued by Finkelstein’s book, objected at length, attacking both the author and our reviewer. His complaint, along with Desch’s reply,

An army of advocates, defenders, PR people, marketers, spin-meisters and image-polishers

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By Jay Bookman Jay Bookman is the deputy editorial page editor. His column appears Mondays and Thursdays. Jimmy Carter may be right or he may be wrong; in fact, like the rest of us, he’s almost certainly some of both. But Carter is not by any stretch of the imagination anti-Semitic. In fact, merely by making that ridiculous accusation, people such as Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, have proved Carter right about some of the central observations

Radio interview on WNUR 89.3 Chicago (09.17.2005)

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Editor’s note: Finkelstein’s segment starts at 1hr 5min. (show total: 3hrs 54min). Show archive from the This Is Hell radio show. Real Player audio Mp3 audio MP George Galloway, author of the new book, “Mr. Galloway Goes To Washington: The Brit Who Set Congress Straight About Iraq” (New Press).Mr. Galloway is the Respect Party’s Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow in London, a seat he won after being expelled from the Labour Party following thirty-six year of membership.

BBC News: online audience debate on anti-Semitism as discussed in Beyond Chutzpah

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Editor’s note: This debate is now closed. Controversial Jewish author and historian Norman Finkelstein has argued that many claims of anti-Semitism are used as a tactic by supporters of Israel. His new book, Beyond Chutzpah, suggests that whenever Israel comes under international pressure, a media campaign is launched alleging an outbreak of anti-Semitism. But anti-Semitism remains a real problem around the world. What is anti-Semitism? Is legitimate criticism of Israel stifled by its supporters? Or is there an unhealthy obsession

Jewish Chronicle (U.K.) on Beyond Chutzpah

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by Geoffery Alderman 12.22.2005 Earlier this month, I was asked by the BBC to participate in a live radio debate with Professor Norman Finkel-stein, an American Jew, born in Brooklyn to Holocaust survivors, who now teaches at DePaul University, Chicago, and who had come to the UK to promote his latest book, “Beyond Chutzpah”. After Noam Chomsky, professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor Finkelstein must be regarded as the world’s foremost Jewish exponent of intellectual (as

A review that's actually about the book!

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By Mike Marqusee Red Pepper, January 2006 When celebrity trial lawyer and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz published ‘The Case for Israel’ in 2003, it was acclaimed by leading US opinion-makers, including The New York Times and Boston Globe, and quickly became a best seller. Yet the book is, as Norman Finkelstein comprehensively demonstrates, “among the most spectacular frauds ever published on the Israel-Palestine conflict”, a remarkably shabby piece of work whose major contentions are clearly contradicted by the documentary record.

From the Egyptian Mail

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By Emad El-Din Aysha I had originally intended to write a follow-up on last week’s article about Bush’s alleged plans to bomb Al-Jazeera, having accumulated some new information about the proposed attack. In the meantime, however, I had the very good fortune to watch an interview of the controversial critic of Israel and US foreign policy, Norman Finklestein. Moreover, I watched it on, predictably, Al-Jazeera. Fortunately, he took up the issue of Bush’s hostility to Al-Jazeera, so I haven’t strayed