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Norman G. Finkelstein has built a worldwide reputation as a brilliant forensic analyst of spurious claims to truth in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Whether demolishing the arguments of Joan Peters or Daniel Goldhagen or Alan Dershowitz, Finkelstein’s laser-like focus has repeatedly uncovered deceptions and outright lies served up to whitewash Israeli criminality.

Now, Finkelstein turns his attention to the International Criminal Court. Specifically, Finkelstein parses the work of ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, demonstrating how she defiled her office by refusing to investigate credible allegations of Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Finkelstein calls this his most important book. It’s not just a historical or scholarly intervention.  It’s also a direct political intervention.  The proceedings in the ICC are ongoing.  If enough people inside and outside the Court read this book, and are enraged by Finkelstein’s findings, it might force the ICC to indict Israel.

The evidence Finkelstein presents in I Accuse! is devastating. In its light the Chief Prosecutor must either investigate Israel or step down.

I Accuse! by Norman G. Finkelstein
“Mr. Finkelstein[‘s] … research is certainly thorough. His characterizations, too, can be brilliant, and he spares nobody …” —The Economist
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