He started out a yeshiva bocher in Brooklyn, NY; then he graduated first in his class at Yale, and became the youngest tenured professor at Harvard Law School (HLS); he divorced his “plain Jane” Orthodox Jewish wife (in search of a trophy wife in Cambridge) and he managed to get full custody of their two children (unheard of back then, when the mother always got custody); his betrayed and bereft ex-spouse then jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, that then became the eternal skeleton in his closet (Poe’s “tell-tale heart”); in psychic revenge, he then started defending pornographers, spousal murderers and batterers, as well as rapists and other sexual predators (but the Times always dubbed him a “famous civil libertarian”); in the end it all caught up with him because he defended Trump (in order to secure a pardon if he got convicted for sexual assault); woke Harvard Law School and Martha’s Vineyard could abide everything (his lying defense of sexual criminals, his lying defense of Israeli murderers and torturers, his destruction of “little people” who got in his way), but not this! so he became a pariah in respectable woke circles, as Martha Minow stage-managed his “retirement” from Harvard Law School, and David Remnick’s New Yorker bravely ran a hit-piece on him; he’s currently buried in a mountain of lawsuits that will no doubt follow him to his grave, and–isn’t it perfect?–“He’s now mostly retired and lives in Miami.” It’s a cautionary tale in the perils of fame-seeking and the fickleness of woke culture; there are fates worse than laboring away in obscurity.

On May 27, 2021

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