I read today the extract on your website re Holocaust Deniers.  It makes perfect logical sense to point out that, if Holocaust denial is indeed the threat and menace it is said to be, then students need to be educated about it at university by Holocaust deniers, so they can learn to understand and answer Holocaust denial.  I like the analogy with COVID-10 – that, if Holocaust Denial is indeed the fearsome virus it is made out to be, we need education in Holocaust denial as a vaccine, just as a vaccine involves injecting with a small amount of the virus to build up immunity.
I attended a Holocaust Memorial event in Leeds Town Hall in January, because my brother was giving one of the readings. I was struck by the extremely religious atmosphere — recitation of “commitments” like prayers, lighting of candles…..it was like a church or synagogue service, but in fact much more reverent.  Holocaust Remembrance seems to have become the new religion.  I suppose that’s why Holocaust Denial is seen as the unforgivable sin.