Its essence is that the Palestinian people are retarded, but the US and Israel are prepared to usher them into Civilization.  The only caveats are:
(1) Palestinians must forfeit about half the West Bank–this is called a “significant concession” by Israel and “in the spirit of” UN Resolution 242;
(2) Until they achieve Civilization–as certified by the US and Israel–Palestinians can’t have a “state”;  and
(3) Even were this “state” to eventually materialize, it would not possess any attributes of sovereignty–indeed, Israel would even maintain the right to decide, as in Gaza, whether a “dual-use” item such as cement and medical equipment can be imported by this “state.”
If this Vision fails to inspire, I would recommend this vision instead.
If there is a merciful Lord up high in heaven, each and all of the wall’s bricks will come tumbling on the heads of Trump’s vision-makers.
But alas, until and unless Palestinians seize control of their destiny, this vision is as  removed from reality as Trump’s.