Belgian Jewish diamond tycoon and billionaire Ehud Arye Laniado died on the operating table of a Paris-based clinic during a penis enlargement procedure on March 3.

Jewish diamond tycoon dies in penis enlargement operation

Ehud Arye Laniad. (photo credit: SOCIAL MEDIA)

Laniado, 65, was the owner of Omega Diamonds and worked in the industry for 40 years, gaining a name as one of the leading experts in the world in the evaluation of rough diamonds, according to media reports.

Omega Diamonds confirmed his death; a friend said that his nickname in the firm was “the Argentinian” because he always looked like “a tango dancer.”

Laniado began his professional career in the diamond industry in Tel Aviv, a path that led him to Angola and the Congo, and from there to Belgium.

A sharp dresser and a short man, as he was described by friends, Laniado allegedly had his accountant call him and read him the worth of his assets several times a day. The friend told The Sun that those were the only times of day that Laniado felt good about himself.

Laniado and his business partner, Sylvain Goldberg, were connected to a tax-evasion investigation in 2013 by the Belgian authorities. The partners agreed to pay 160 million euros to avoid legal proceedings. The late Laniado was meant to appear in appeals court on March 14 this year for the first hearing regarding this alleged tax evasion.

Laniado will be brought to Israel for his burial.

In Britain, the number of penis enlargement operations doubled between 2005 and 2015, according to a report by The Guardian.