Finkelstein comments:  In her scorching indictment of the Israeli assassin who murdered 21-year-old Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar, Haaretzjournalist Amira Hass asks him: “Did you tell your girlfriend it was you who killed a young woman the same age as her?” (“Anonymous Snipers and a Lethal Verdict”) The question recalled a Breaking the Silence testimony after Operation Protective Edge.

You leave the [Gaza Strip] and the most obvious question is, “Did you kill anybody?,” an IDF infantry sergeant rued. “Even if you meet the most left -wing girl in the world, eventually she’ll start thinking, “Did you ever kill somebody, or not?” And what can you do about it? Most people in our society consider that to be a badge of honor. So everyone wants to come out of there with that feeling of satisfaction.


In other words, the Israeli assassin probably did tell his girlfriend that he murdered the medic, and his girlfriend was probably proud of him.