World Union of Jewish Students: Migrant expulsion plan ‘scandalous’

WUJS, representing Jewish students worldwide, is unanimously calling on Israeli government to stop expulsion of African migrants—who will face danger if deported—and formulate clear policy regarding illegal immigration according to international norms; ‘We condemn the Israeli government’s scandalous policy towards asylum seekers,’ says president of organization’s European chapter.
Amir Alon|Published:  02.02.18 , 16:51

The World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) which represents some 600,000 Jewish students in 38 countries, has decided to officially oppose the Israeli government policy to expel Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers to Rwanda.

“We condemn the Israeli government’s scandalous policy towards asylum seekers,” Alina Bricman, President of the European chapter of the Union, told Ynet on Thursday.

Bricman added that the “Asylum seekers came to Israel with hopes that democracy would offer them safety. However, their dignity is taken from them daily and now their physical safety is in danger. We will not support this; we want a State of Israel that we can be proud of.” 

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