A Ukrainian doctor’s cat with a broken jaw in Gaza has kept Abbas’s government awake for three days trying to arrange its security clearance to Israel to receive proper medical treatment. “The cat was sent to Israel through Erez in a special ambulance after three days of work on its security clearance” said the Chairman of the Agricultural Coordination Committee.

As the cat was receiving its treatment in Israel, three Gazan infants died in the last 24 hours while waiting for the same procedures to be done by the PA’s Ministry of Health. They weren’t Ukrainians, nor kittens, so they were not deemed eligible; simply because they are “Gazans,” and there’s no worse thing to be currently than a “Gazan.”

In the last couple of months 1,574 Gazans has applied for medical treatment in the West Bank and Israel, and so far, only the Ukrainian kitten was approved. Only the case of cat with a broken Jaw was deemed humanitarian enough, by both the PA and Israel.

PA President Abbas has recently decided to punish the people of Gaza for not revolting against Hamas; by defunding the most vital and necessary sectors that keeps the people of Gaza alive; the health, electricity and water. As a result, Gaza is now totally drowned in darkness and sewage, and 35% of the basic medicines are unavailable, as most hospitals are now inoperative, when they have no medicines nor electricity.

It occurred to me “What did Abbas ever offer Gaza?”

With no doubt at all, Abbas and his fellow PA leadership wish Gaza to drown into the bottom of the ocean. Everyone who has ever been to Ramallah came back with the same conclusion: Gaza is more hated and less cared for than Israel.

Yet, looking through the PA’s budget records from 2014, Gaza is a very significant and primary asset to the PA. Gaza pays for almost half of the PA’s annual budget.

The money that Abbas uses to pay for the PA’s salaries, the health sector…etc in Gaza, was in fact coming from Gaza itself. With even a margin of prophet to the PA around $610 Million per year. And while Gaza has no economic growth whatsoever, the PA’s Ramallah has never been more spoiled.

Moreover, Abbas has recently cut 30% of the salaries of the PA employees in Gaza to support the budget of the PA in Ramallah. And in return for the salaries that Abbas pays to those employees in Gaza, some of them have to actively work as informants to Ramallah. They have to report on anything they see, hear or smell. They are frequently asked to spread specific rumors in Gaza, and at some point, some of them were ordered to carry out a series of terrorist attacks to destabilize the situation.

Long story short, Gaza is in no need for Abbas, Abbas is in all needs for Gaza. Time for Abu Moron to Go…!

PA's budget in Gaza for the year 2014

PA’s budget in Gaza for the year 2014


PA’s Letter on the cat’s security clearance