Our boy is in the White House! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

He finally made it! He’s there! He shook hands with Trump! OMG! He gave him a gift… He’s signing his name up in the book of history…  He’s now standing behind the microphone… He’s not tall enough to reach it, but never mind, just look how happy he is! He almost looks like a stranded child who has just got new bike on a Christmas eve.

But why is he shaking so much? He looks like he can’t believe his eyes.

Oh, he’s whispering something to Trump, “You are our hope,” I heard him say.

He looks so proud and climaxed… Today he gets to play a world leader just like in the playboy magazines that he saw! Why shouldn’t he be so happy? He earned it so hard…

Over the last weeks, Abu Moron has been proving himself to be “eligible to meet Trump”; He’s been crushing the bones of young people in the West Bank and making them into cautionary tales… He’s been squeezing Gaza, cutting off its electricity, water, and economy, and defunding its hospitals and threatening its people of unimaginable anger if they don’t bow.

He’s been watching people going out to the streets, begging him to stop that punishment, but he was busy running desperately from one door to another, begging Trump to answer his phone call.  And now he’s there… It’s a historic moment…

Don’t judge his weird smile too quickly… For all the 17 hours-long flight to Washington, he’s been watching the victory that he made… Gaza is now drowning in darkness and sewage waters. The people have lost their minds, some have already sit themselves on fire. “Trump will be so proud of me!” he must have said. And yes, congratulations Abu Moron! You actually made Trump smile… He just praised your devotion for Israel, and called you a nice guy.

Happy now? Got your orgasm? Let’s see how you could keep that smile on Trump’s face for long… And what cost you’ll have to pay… And for Gaza, they’ll cut more than your finger next time…

Abu Moron: "I cum every time I see this cute face!"

Abu Moron: “I cum every time I see this cute face!”


Abu Moron: “How do you spell gigolo pimp in English?”


Donald Trump: “Whose idea was that? I really don’t wanna be here! This guy stinks!”


Abu Moron: “Tell Netanyahu, I just released a bombshell where he was sitting.” Donald Trump: “Didn’t I tell you he stinks?”


Abu Moron: “It wasn’t me who farted! It was Erekat! Anyways, I’m finally here… Hunga-Munga!”


Abu Moron: “I want a dildo this tall with your face on it!”