The escalation that Gaza is experiencing by now is merely resulted by internal disputes between an insufferably repressive government of Hamas and a clique of illiterate, mindless, childish partisans of “mercenary” salafist groups.

Yesterday, some Salafists reportedly launched three primitive tiny little micro harmless “rockets” against adjacent Israeli cities, to seemingly harass and pressure Hamas to release some of their imprisoned fellows, without any slightest consideration of the consequences or anything at all.

The harsh Israeli retaliation of 30 airstrikes (with no casualties) is simply the policy of the newly-appointed Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman; a famous lover of magnitudes and big numbers. But until this moment, no escalation is in the prospect.

Hamas are in an absolutely unenviable situation, they cannot bring another destructive war upon the heads of Gazans and cannot remain cowardly silent after all these airstrikes. They may only make some strong meaningless statements that their patience is wearing thin, then continue to develop their primitive ammunition and improve the tunnels system to sustain weak popularity.
Hamas is totally stuck and bankrupted, but they aren’t interested in any new escalations, unless the Israeli airstrikes result in human casualties or target the tunnels system effectively.

From better to worse, Israel has succeeded to develop a new reality, where Hamas militants are anxiously and restlessly doing their best to maintain Israel’s security and prevent any potential rockets from being launched. And when they fail, and a rocket hit an empty ground in Israel, the retaliation will be expectedly harsh and firm.

It’s a simple principle of dynamics, that if you do nothing, you don’t stand still, but you just go backwards.

But a noteworthy advantage of that situation for Hamas is a pause of Israeli assassinations against their leaders and personnel. Israeli is unconcerned with raging their anger.

One safe conclusion can be made out of all this madness: The PA and Hamas have destroyed everything.