It seems Hamas has just found another “OBTUSE” way of teasing the beleaguered people of Gaza; endless videos that picture Gaza as a paradise that needs nothing except more Islam, thanks to Hamas, “so let’s re-elect them again.”

It starts with hashtags like “we’re ready”, “we’re going to rebuild it”, and then turned into posters and signboards, like the huge signboard that says Hamas has Paved 1.4 MILLION KM SQUARE of Gaza’s roads (Which is the same size of Egypt and Sudan put together), which was shown during a video that says “Hamas has solved all Gaza’s crises”.

The real problem is that they truly believe what they say… They genuinely believe they are the best and they are restlessly working for the people’s welfare, furthermore, they stubbornly believe that the best could come to Gaza on their hands and theirs alone.

I’ve recently met some Hamas figure, a Counselor and Appeal Court President, to convince him to let his son in Tunisia move from the school of medicine to the school of law. His father (the Counselor) dears me, and was very frank and open with me in all those 4 hours of discussion.

When we discussed the realities of the Gaza Strip, he was saying literally this:
“You know son, what are the real problems of the young people in Gaza?” he continued with huge confident “It’s the lack of faith on Allah the Almighty,” his voice became very passionate “If young people have faith on Allah all their problems would be over.”

So I interrupted him and asked “But how having stronger faith on Allah would change the reality that unemployment and poverty rates exceed 99% amongst young people?”

He proudly answered “See! that’s the problem, if you have faith on Allah, then you would close your eyes and believe that you’d be amongst the 1% left who find jobs and enjoy a good life”

He spared no effort trying to convince me that Gaza is a Utopian city that even King Solomon wasn’t blessed enough to live in such incredibly awesome era.

I was then pointing to the fact that 100% of young people are dreaming of escaping this madness and leaving that sunk ship, to which he replied “You think we’ll let them leave? those are our children, our dream, they are blinded by the love of life and lusts and illusions, we will unfold the reality of how ugly and poor the world out there is, and how amazing this city is in compare. And we won’t let them leave, even if it requires force.”

I concluded by the question “Is that why Hamas squandered hundreds of millions of money building countless mosques? a mosque each 2 meters? to lead young people to the faith of Allah and have no problems after?”

He giggled and answered obtusely “OF COURSE!!! Why else?