President Abbas’s bombshells are nonstop nowadays;
First, he appointed a 21-year-old student living in Canada as a Consul in Venezuela.  She took the job, but she never left Canada.
Then, he hired a 22-year-old alcoholic, who is the son of the PA intelligence head, as a deputy prosecutor in Ramallah.

Then, it was reported that Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Abu Amro sent his wife to Washington DC as the head of the Palestinian Mission to the States, and hired her brother as the first adviser to the Palestinian Consulate in Canada.

Amro says that his wife was well qualified for the position.

Who can doubt that she’s as qualified for her position as everyone else in the PA—including Amro—is qualified for theirs?

Journalists who questioned the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs were told by the spokesperson: “We have no knowledge of these promotions, and it’s not my specialty to talk about it, ask the Deputy Minister if you can catch him.”  It’s easier to catch a cockroach with the lights on.

Now, it’s reported that Entisar Abo Amara, President Abbas’s secretary, managed to get her young daughter hired as a staff member in the Palestinian Consulate in Canada, while her daughter is still living in Ramallah.  Entisar also had her second husband hired as the first secretariat at the same Consulate in Canada.

Meanwhile, Ismael Haniya caught Kuru disease–“laughing sickness”– and is reportedly trying to follow Abbas’s steps and hire his semi-retarded son as Hamas ambassador to North Korea.

While they’re all laughing, we’re praying the sickness will finally end.

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