Newly appointed Consul, Samar Soboh (to the right), then comes her ambassadorial mother Linda

Two days ago, Palestinian-American activist Fadi Elsalameen uncovered yet another scandal in the scandal-ridden PA. Elsalameen published an official Presidential Decree promoting an unqualified 21-year-old, Samar Soboh, as the Palestinian Consul to Venezuela. But that wasn’t even half the story.

Samar is the daughter of Linda Soboh, the Palestinian Ambassador to Venezuela since 2013.  The first thing Mother did was hire 18-year-old Daughter as the full-time Public Relations Officer in the Venezuelan embassy, even as Daughter was attending school full time.

But, according to Father, it turns out that Mother and Daughter were living in Canada while holding full-time positions at the Palestinian embassy in Venezuela.

Local activists questioned “How could a teenage student work in such a critical position while she wasn’t even there?
Answer: Mahmoud Abbas.

Journalists who asked the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs what’s going on were told, “It’s better for you and us to never to discuss that subject.

Meanwhile, Saeb Erekat promised reporters that Abbas would soon drop another bombshell, while Palestinians in the street wondered whether it might be better if, like Mother and Daughter, everyone in the PA relocated to Canada and none of them showed up for work.