Peace and Love,
As many of you know, I have been here in Palestine for the past couple of months. We just got word that there are many children in hospitals in Jerusalem from Gaza. We are planning to visit them this week and take them Eid gifts as well as help their families if needed.
We (Existence is Resistance) have donated all of the proceeds from our tshirt sales we have received over the past month and are asking folks to please help us.
You can reach out directly to Ayman El Sayed who is in New York by emailing him at questions@existenceisresistance.org if you want to send a check or cash or you can donate directly to our paypal which is registered and takes donations at that same email address questions@existenceisresistance.org .  
If you donate, we will send you a breakdown of how the money was spent along with receipts.
Help us give these children and families a little happiness….even if its a small gesture.
Thank you in advance.