Heartless world

Migrant boat was 'deliberately sunk' in Mediterranean sea, killing 500 Two survivors of sinking said traffickers rammed boat, which left Egypt on 6 September, after passengers refused to transfer vessel Peter Walker The Guardian, Monday 15 September 2014 16.43 BST A picture released by Read more

From a South African correspondent: Zionism and Apartheid

Zionism and Apartheid It’s quite common to find, among the One State Solution advocates, an analogue with Apartheid South Africa. If the trenchant racist Afrikaner regime was able to accept a peaceful transfer of power, why would this not be Read more


EU Popular Opposition to Israel Stronger Than Ever Tuesday, 09 September 2014 11:00By Bruno Jäntti, Truthout | Op-Ed A London protest against Israeli actions in Gaza, August 1. (Photo: Alan Denney) The dispossession of the Palestinian people has been and remains an internationalized endeavor. With the Read more