from People’s Global Action:

Call for an
Saturday, July 22, 2006

As Israeli attacks on civilians continue and escalate day after day in
Lebanon and Palestine and as the world’s governments support Israel’s
crimes or, at best, turn a blind eye to its actions it is time for the
people to speak.

Saturday July 22, 2006 has been declared “International day of action
against Israeli aggression”. We call on people all around the world to
rise up on that day and be heard.

Please organize an action in your city or area on that day under the
banner of the “International day of action against Israeli aggression”.
If you already have something planned for that day condemning Israel’s
actions or in support of the people of Palestine and Lebanon, please
link it to the international action.

Each city / area is requested to appoint one coordinator (or more) and
send us their email addresses to create a coordination list.

Please act now. There is no time to waste. Thank you.

Montreal coordinators:

Mohamed S. Kamel

Ehab Lotayef

Further information:

ALSO, please let
know of your action:

Association des jeunes libanais musulmans
Canadian Muslim Forum
Coalition against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees
International Solidarity Movement Montreal
Members of the Lebanese Diaspora
Members of the Palestinian Diaspora
Palestinian And Jewish Unity (PAJU)
Parole Arabe
Presence musulmane Montréal (PMM)
Solidarity with Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR)
Tadamon! Montreal
Voices of Conscience (OCVC)
Le Regroupement des Algeriens du Canada
Solidarity Across Borders
No One Is Illegal-Montreal
Canadian Muslims for Jerusalem (CMJ)

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from Boston Indymedia