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Finkelstein comments: [Jan. 13,2006]

Postscript added Jan. 18, 2006.

Shortly after University of California Press announced publication on my book Beyond Chutzpah, Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School began alleging that my late mother was, or I believed she was, a Nazi collaborator during World War II. In an article for (“Why is the University of California Press Publishing Bigotry?” 5 July 2005), Dershowitz stated that “[Finkelstein] suspects his mother of having been a kapo (‘really, how else would she have survived?’ he asks rhetorically),” while in a statement posted on Harvard University Law School’s official webpage, Dershowitz wrote that “He suspects his own mother of being a kapo and cooperating with the Nazis during the Holocaust” ( A more elaborate version of this claim appeared in Dershowitz’s book The Case for Peace:

Finkelstein even doubted his own mother’s denial that she was a kapo, asking whether her frequent statements that “the best didn’t survive” constituted “an indirect admission of guilt?” The most he was willing to do was “assume” that his mother answered him “truthfully.” But he questioned even that assumption: “Still, if she didn’t cross fundamental moral boundaries, I glimpsed from her manner of pushing and shoving in order to get to the head of a queue, which mortified me. . . . Really, how else would she have survived?” (p. 174)

Writing on the same website as Dershowitz, and apparently relying on information supplied to him by Dershowitz, Professor Steven Plaut of Haifa University has recently stated:

While Finkelstein likes to defend his own anti-Semitic ravings by claiming his parents are themselves Holocaust survivors, Dershowitz recently revealed that Finkelstein’s mother was in fact a collaborator with German Nazis during the war. (“DePaul U Confronts Amerikan ‘Empire,'” (3 January 2006); posted on this web site under “The New Year Begins”)

In previous postings on this website I documented how Dershowitz transmogrified my reflections on my late mother (see “Haunted House” and my remarks upon publication of Beyond Chutzpah). However, until now I have held back directly refuting these statements, hoping that they would go away. It now seems they won’t so I’ve decided to post an interview my late mother did shortly before her death to give some insight into her experiences and character. (I include another interview with a Black G.I., done at the same time as my mother’s and which deeply affected her.) In addition, I am posting several photographs of mother, as well as of my late father.

On a brief biographical note, my mother grew up in Warsaw, Poland and was a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto, Maidanek concentration camp and two slave-labor camps. Every member of her family in Poland was exterminated. After the war she was a key witness at a Nazi deportation hearing in the U.S. and at the trial of Maidanek concentration camp guards in Germany. My late father survived the Warsaw ghetto, Auschwitz concentration camp and the Auschwitz death march. His entire family in Poland was also exterminated.

Those wanting to express an opinion to Professor Dershowitz regarding his depiction of my late mother should write: dersh[at] Those wanting to express an opinion to Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan, who permitted Dershowitz to post his depiction of my late mother on Harvard Law School’s official webpage, should write:
EKagan[at] (Although acknowledging that the Law School webpage had content limits, Kagan did not consider Dershowitz’s statements objectionable.) Should you want your letters to be posted on my webpage, please cc them to: NormanGF[at] Thank you.

Postscript: [Jan. 18, 2006]

Those writing Professor Dershowitz have received this form reply:

I received your letter in which you reiterated Norman Finkelstein’s lie that it was I who accused his mother, Maryla Husyt Finkelstein, of being a kapo. I think you accuse the wrong person of making
this claim. It was Finkelstein himself who planted that idea in his own writings.

Here is my full statement about Norman Finkelstein’s mother. It is from my book, The Case For Peace, a chapter of which appears on my website:

Normally, no one would take seriously the ridiculous claims Finkelstein makes, but he boasts that he “can get away with things which nobody else can”53 because his parents were Holocaust survivors. As Alain Zucker, in his review of The Holocaust Industry, put it, “If Finkelstein wasn’t Jewish, his book would have been dumped by the reviewers as a right extremist pamphlet.”54 Finkelstein accuses others of exploiting the memory of the Holocaust for personal purposes, yet it is clear that he himself ranks as one of that tragedy’s most perverse exploiters. He quotes his mother as asking rhetorically, “If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one . . . who did Hitler kill?”55 Finkelstein even doubted his own mother’s denial that she was a kapo,asking whether her frequent statements that “the best didn’t survive” constituted “an indirect admission of guilt?” The most he was willing to do was “assume” that his mother answered him “truthfully.”56 But he questioned even that assumption: “Still, if she didn’t cross fundamental moral boundaries, I glimpsed from her manner of pushing and shoving in order to get to the head of a queue, which mortified me. . . . Really, how else would she have survived?” A ninety-year-old Holocaust survivor in Canada told me that “this Finkelstein man is, in some ways, worse than an outright Holocaust denier, because he acknowledges only the dead but not the living. It hurts so much to hear him say that we didn’t actually suffer.”

Any fair-minded and unbiased reader will come to the conclusion that this is an accurate and fair interpretation of what Finkelstein himself wrote. Even after becoming aware that his
description of his mother’s actions were open to a negative interpretation, Finkelstein declined to change this description on his website.

If you have a grievance regarding the depiction of Finkelstein’s later mother, send this email to him, not to me. I did not supply any information to Professor Steven Plaut that “revealed that Finkelstein’s mother was in fact a collaborator with German Nazis during the war.” He drew his own conclusions from Finkelstein’s own words.

Sincerely yours,

Alan M. Dershowitz


Here is the actual excerpt from my memoir that Dershowitz is allegedly quoting:

Except for allusions to relentless pangs of hunger, my mother never spoke about her personal torments during the war, which was just as well, since I couldn’t have borne them. Like Primo Levi, she often said that, being “too delicate and refined, the best didn’t survive.” Was this an indirect admission of guilt? Much later in life I finally summoned the nerve to ask whether she had done anything of which she was ashamed. Calmly replying no, she recalled having refused the privileged position of “block head” in the camp. She especially resented the “dirty” question “How did you survive?” with the insinuation that, to emerge alive from the camps, survivors must have morally compromised themselves. Given how ferociously she cursed the Jewish councils, ghetto police and kapos, I assume my mother answered me truthfully. Although acknowledging that Jews initially joined the councils from mixed motives, she said that “only scum,” reaping the rewards of doing the devil’s work, still cooperated after it became clear that they were merely cogs in the Nazi killing machine. When queried why she hadn’t settled in Israel after the war, my mother used to reply, only half in jest, that “I had enough of Jewish leaders!” The Jewish ghetto police always had the option, she said, of “throwing off their uniforms and joining the rest of us” — a point that Yitzak Zuckerman, a leader of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, made in his memoir. (It was always gratifying to find my mother’s seemingly erratic or harsh judgments seconded in the reliable testimonial literature.) Still shaking her head in disbelief, she would often recall how, after Jews in the ghetto used the most primitive implements or even bare hands to dig bunkers deep in the earth and conceal themselves, the Jewish police would reveal these hideouts to the Germans, sending their flesh-and-blood to the crematoria in order to save their own skins. One of the first acts of the ghetto resistance was to kill an officer in the Jewish police. On a sign posted next to his corpse — my mother would recall with vengeful glee — read the epitaph: “Those who live like a dog die like a dog.” Still, if she didn’t cross fundamental moral boundaries, I glimpsed from her manner of pushing and shoving in order to get to the head of a queue, which mortified me, how my mother must have fought Hobbes’s war of all agains. tll agny Afaime as the camp. sReally, how else would she have survived?&# (w.frrman“Ifunted House

InAcrpsdg to firshowitz, de8220; de8220;

In prdition, I rshowitz wrotitethat &#ofessor Staut tr /> de8220; de8220;Frdshowitz recently revealed ta> [Jat Finkelstein’s mother was in fact a collaborator with German Nazis during the war.&#p>

Those wanting to express an opinion togarding thofessor Dershowitz h8217;s mottal mointsend concmpetces o Dean Kaena Kagan, f Harvard Law School beould write: EKagan[at] (r /> deould you want yo post hiur letter in my websiite uplease cc thito: NoormanGF[at] p>

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Those hisplguing seuy erpeoeasive bepor the moted I divebe myur lr /> thbsite I tt Fi nanu of12 ( booih ay, ) griuyame="danimhote thaoou acc mr /> deid th8220; dest as ettwy, becuFiIrs, Jasuthem. L8221; anlIidn’t suite: tt Fi, tse, plb tr /> deIeielyou acrman Fiam greeith a h. It hink you acould wrsuthem. or Ir /> & aterwtsenfht Hois desccisn ca the coryon e ohod wanod att ofet the Lr /> thrss cts hie hai alvicr w JarceSShem to the Laryon lse t savtd unbpr /> tho threpe the L owevesublicat, hoinccllhe tishe a, hof even one whtIr /> &vebeo thar h/p>


Th te():anu f152006]7 5:33 Pbr /> &Suectio: Tene.)eanal th/lan Dershowitz ot /> &T Noess ea nt@derseldup>

ThDr hian Kaena Kagan, fd Profs ea nt RevDersnngs HHoweltschneer.g/p>

AlMyratindther, seAdria KaHe, na, myia survivor of the Wazis t /> &ncentration camp as ItSothodg sev reliadecently reued ter deatly, -t /> &an Dershowitz ofsuleesd that ide live mother on forman Finkelstein&#t /> &(th a wh Firshowitz havereen d feung t)ad then a kapo (&incidanek c(r /> deMyratindther, yia tremise she arp, luc, offieeSS erpolical-a,cc mr /> deeept fnably is ed ndChtly-he saill cove lsoale whithr ansp htnt ab&#t /> &w Yeak, st sholl cofevesu saEupertith ao thasstance wa all fang deouis thrrent_p in PoHamburgermany. ,ivingtg on ief her faatindn os(r /> defore(a lseng inw Yeak, of evEupertseAdria Kaote thaetter in saan Dr /> dershowitz h Hise is my fuatindther, 8217;s actiol exndefs pded e wash a an Dr /> dershowitz h/p>

ExFrom:eAdria KaHe, na, r /> dere():aW, th6anu f06]7 12:38:26t /> &T Noan Dershowitz">r /> &Suectio: tters rom Fiaamp anrvivor op>

ThDr hiMr.irshowitz,

AlMyrme="s myAdria KaHe, na, It hamn operikac, a l at nw Yeak, .

dering World War II. I glw th accuve immber of hee liDutch Restance w.r /> deIes extnt',lly sucapre.)by the rezis du shopived th2-yr hin fard.uslyt /> &ncentration camp as ItClgsbe the cor I8217;s aces res in mpson &rman Nancentration camp andt Salzwedea,cwt of use coElb)in soe Lr /> thSaxony-Anhaldidnitricr; res inltbeted af the reUS Arm 8217;s mo84 a Inftedryp /> derivisn cEp>

In prur leok, Th8220;The Nese for Peace


denkelstein even doubted his own mother’s denial that she was a kapo, ab /> thoing whether her frequent statements that “the best didn’t survive” ct /> &nceituted “an indirect admission of guilt?” Thhe most he was willing tr /> thido was “assume” that his mother answered him “truthfully.” Buut he qr /> thestioned even that assumption: “Still, if she didn’t cross fr /> thndamental moral boundaries, I glimpsed from her manner of pushing ar /> tho thoving in order to get to the head of a queue, which mortified mr /> &ce822030;eally, how else would she have survived?” Ar /> de822012;8211;

I resn&tihock that ide licld(cf a qurvivor ofuld sheasummcthings whout Nr /> tho rents or I a fairly inmber o-hat they wespects hat thirly inmber or /> & having been a kapo ( I divke absh a mn y,h aa ansbo thatis My lr /> des,h aa andn’t crbuyankelstein’s mook wocuFie didn&ive so as rimi stt Nr /> thom the catervinetaowitg beexaly reat Finkelstein hiote. Ep>

In thaur on that &#iprur leotinion caMr.irshowitz, &me wayds.<,nd refiacehodeougsbession wheds.

Thoseession wheds.

Th822012;-r /> de8220;Stw my mother must have fought Hobbes’s war of all agains. tll agny Afar /> thie as the camp. sR8221; Ar /> de822012;-p>

ThBy misovg the e wands. &nnge tthe mosn Kg of whnkelstein’s moatements t/I u Sleotinion cr /> &muleesdsJat Finkelstein&#s myeasg that Jes mother and theoive been duar /> thpo (&incder to savvive.&#uut heeththe cassion wheds. thi#8217;s a ear that thwt he his a kually sufasg thw this she wad theoive br /> de8220;Stught Hobbes&8217;s war of all agains. tll a8221; in thder to savvive.&#p>

ThBng a kapo. -nd faiht Hg a bbes&8217;s war of all agains. tll a-re thewIr /> &dier.&e thatgs.

HeIthe camp. sn ief hecr lsfought Hobbes&8217;s war of all agains. tll ag&#t /> &der to savvive.&, is is ander &stood/p>

Thoseepos, n the saher wands re opey haaimenwendeory of Cae privis cr /> &populion c-hey were mee Waowentss paatiits, &ct hewretchtthviously suncidrste!p>

On aeid not sune to re a supo (&incder to savvive.&; res inNOT supo (; hr /> thrvived?&-hat s as the heUS Arm /p>

Thre" portant; , hoeasg that Jeme w iefught Hobbes&8217;s war of all ar /> thoins. tll agISnNOT THE SAME THINGf a easg that Jeme w iefs a kapo, /p>

HeIhrepe t:oeasg that Jeme w iefught Hobbes&8217;s war of all a oins. tll agISt /> &wOT THE SAME THINGf a easg that Jeme w iefs a kapo, / AND YOU KNOWt /> &THA Mayr.irshowitz, .p>

ThBy misovg the e wacrical-aayds.<,nu reiadally, nnge tthe mosn Kg of wp /> denkelstein e8217;s wamarks u,elicabeted inming hee Auparaaphichof evar /> thrvivedorike a m shoulckg and shuntheromle.) p>

Th(1) Doou have a g infa inst it wasld shsn Ko a nervivedor,ike a m shtIr /> & a sused hi having been a kapo (?p>

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Th(3) Doou halieved rur leotarrstith thyr.inkelstein&#s(ds reamnt st /> &ncentrd evsbo thyr.inkelstein&#I am poncentrd evth a h.sive mother o,r /> thbhosrvived the Wamps, sust as weIsrvived the Wamps, )ive ssou hae cr /> &ght Hotoelicabeted ine refadally, dnitts.omothodg seat Finkelstein&#r /> deid t,eethtt warstatesu sa is, suth extermise sheiouslynot tojt for pr /> thrvivedorsike a my elfbecuFif evtse who lidn’t survive&#,nd fai ale cr /> &gstate sso Cae prvicrims?p>

Those hie tht toetoricallyuestion &s It hamn iving. ervivedor,ids rr /> thbt yormatilnswereds ItAbst aboormatilnfs pdese amtervnto thee sets
deupht toey hath a rvard L8217;s actissnnitrion cat he o exth a causlewish pr /> deoup -du shopivedors8217;s oup -duse is nnw Yeak, o my nhe moNher hnd w

HeAdria KaHe, na, r>

HeRe: tters rom Fiaamp anrvivor op /> denrom:eAn Dershowitz">r /> &St a:aW, 6/06/07 1:05 Pbr /> &T Noadria KaHe, na, p>

HeIhlieved rat ide lictentxt muleesdsJat Fi besteved sh mother anmayt /> &ncaboratorhd IH mother anso exubted hiat Fipeoeasi(ke a u h)o lt /> &nims to re a suversit kually sure mHe quotes his mother f a easg tr /> this it everyone who claims to be a surviersi ally, fs a e whtn ano lt /> &d nohler kill?&He quh also exestioned ever f cunci of thrvivedorsike ar /> deee thwie hl l at rgu evsins. tlncmpension cai alrvivors. As llhe
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HeRe: tters rom Fiaamp anrvivor op /> denrom:eAn Dershowitz">r /> &St a:aW, 6/06/07 1:11 Pbr /> &T Noadria KaHe, na, p>

ThBy e hik woo thate hbes&#efus.&e ceecause hect header wsasld sr /> &t toder &st my btd

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Hean Kagan and Profs ea nt RevDeweltschneer.g/y nh1954iaaed -ie asadieuatof the firvard Law School bMayr.iJe wphaW,lch,old ment or wiJe wphaMcCth a “IfUil nots demhnt,'sent or w,t hink yoIover spally, r /> deo,h your lecruel of waur lereckss pss a822030;ette usht toassasstted.r /> this cll thfurer, sent or w822030;eu S8217;ve dece whpugh oDewad rur yno rin ex wp /> dedentlc hoeir,idt lg pett -? ewad rur yleftyno rin ex w dentlc #8221; Ar>

Alan M.rshowitz h8217;s mofalsend cotrige, sly cusesion c<,nd res corly,slyt /> &d rednirpeciatl glfs pdese (eciing mad readimrksassiee ssikeers mr /> &isrgh otri)o me.fuatindther, 8217;s actter in(ich she waeci aboogate'ead ar /> th thee asder ling thod wasth shaur in t sa istire family inepis anotmr /> deetiveal totnt',)/y usiotte versiyell asrshowitz h8217;s mocacing ofr pr /> thcruel o,ereckss pss a,s ed ntlc hoo thoventss paaracter. b /> thoisassttedn cEp>

Inan Kagan a,eAn Dershowitz ofia suhht rivofe inpfessor Dee'ervard Lb /> thiversity hhe ash alengag publicat in Poviously,otrige, sly bevingoo,r /> thparently reth a no mments:f wantlse.)est isoer spom Fiur yospom Ft /> &d ne whithisfirvard Latissnnitrion c My laatindther, yadria Kaia sr /> thcp anrvivor o;t evtoy, Ja ofule eif shyr hin fattforute.)inter Jeh. b /> thath m,eme w iefstitethat &#mlaatindther, yadria Kas a kapo, asIsrplemyt /> &nnounit magineeat FiIrold shd / Pase ccan Kagan a,ejt foink yoiwp /> deme w iefse meeoay thathect heviously,ohdefsndsly atgs.nsbo thur or Ir /> &sbo thammber of heur lemily i-ow semulmeplyhat &#ipst coby ier /> th ao sd-blhathnt magineeat this is pst co actusesion cs thropsdg ed &srncidhathect hesbonateb erpns.l glperiences iur yospat thirly ir /> &ceer ofd enor spsnde.)b-nd faihnly, hoat ide litire fatusesion cs tr /> & ed re ca elicabeted ofalsifation of &u. deadFi, tkw I y shu rell cov contlse.)es m,e ed reon puiseact asnotmr /> dendefs pded e wadive bepsented t?p>

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Thofs ea nt RevDeweltschneer.g/yethttme w ief heRl U Hilbett8217;s moateme.)r /> deheapmoaratsenon puanpfessor D8217;s work, nd shup his wearacter. “Deito:e sst /> &d hpugrmsly cmnci f allcer micecr le haeoayciinae deithfuyethtt one wr /> deeesis myo thater o Deoports.os m8221;) &d reTene.)eviniethat &#pfessor Deiene.)inu have a e Aupow answdae cr /> &ght Hotoeme setseaihnlyesccisn c/I u Stve surd that “onIind mynlt /> &ncmpeing maaten os ter o Deov taur he heUBPT8217;s denicisn c/8221; anlIi pr /> deiting Pr ask whur yno Polfs ea nt RevDeweltschneer.g/y posase ccink yr /> &sbo the lictefs pded e wabetwn a adria KaHe, na, swdaAn Dershowitz o,t /> &d reathntcendider Deur lesccisn ca tht toev taur he heUBPTenicisn c/t /> &Y receneielyo. hat &#neier waur lesccisn can ale ceUBPTenicisn cfse mr /> & ed re carshowitz h8217;s motervis.&e ce-at he is clobous po the hetire fr /> deild Waat &#An Dershowitz ofex ta evsonsider Dle ted wanative ib /> thinflue ce,hether shemcthtervis.&e ceed walobbsg thw th8220;onll me t8221; an Ir /> &t t It ha whur ylfs ea nt RevDeweltschneer.g/y posase ccflectio alt /> &at Fing dershowitz, de8220;asshow natem#8221; re8220;Deunpfessoreal torsonal toattack#8221; &#(uon whrminatocagyt /> &om Fiur retter in sarman Finkelstein&#/,nh alenjoy eveene.)ee'ervard Lb /> thi alyr hi-fis#8217;t suat &#ctefsct? eIforshowitz wroa<,nd refiin" work,thyt /> & theene.)ee'ervard Lhow elathntc Finkelstein&#obth exunrk,thyf Fr /> deeene.)ee'ePaul U? elfs ea nt RevDeweltschneer.g/yving bear t inw Ir /> thsbo the licracter. & the fits ti in hviderl exbhosrars ader"dae cr /> &ti-Seeene.)ecp aaign,nd the Aung defalsifation o, dnitts.n ca cotright Hocracter. &oisassttedn c- rr /> theply afhertiu rell cocendider Dee heUBPTenicisn c/t>

Hean Kagan and Profs ea nt RevDeweltschneer.g/ydikw I tt itur ottopr /> deousepy portant; osition o<,nd recoulnatifuve mour yothe samuccs pau ar /> dehe bee t inf waur llves. Giy laatindther, yver sphineed shemctr /> thpfessoreal tomuccs p;ow eer, une waled the rgh ofii, tooevs ofs:e sst /> &d dogate'eage tr;nf war, see lictesuent csso Caeing he rimi cepl mr /> &mt myttt yazi kiivis camps, suyeshe waik woat &#pfi cepl mavtd u,cc mr /> des ash alver spohn antiy migat t/I F waur hewIsee lictesuent csso Cr /> deeing he rimi cepl mavtd u-ontlse.g hershowitz, decendider Dg hee AuUBPTenicisn cPolfs ea nt weltschneer.g-ell cov cobcr /> dene t shebeveral I divcerely yohertiat &#ehina heur tll corse hfr pr /> thst as emhnt,'yno Po myquietlyhatkel- d reathntme setseadierulou'r /> denhoic plb tetseaght Honicisn cPonding tho thampow al gl, tse, o Cr /> depfessoreal tod rersonal tommenitnt abtoelintlc nd refien o/p>

HeIhlk wor prds o repl pdesefrom Fiehina heur /p>

Sincerely y,p>


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ThDr hian Kagan[a/p>

I rente: texndir mn#An Dershowitz o8217;s mounyciineb ervulg, show natemoattackyothrman Finkelstein’s moirly i.he moo lleu8220;Denkelstein accissJhis mother asw thpfebeb erNazi depo, asb Nou acdn’t suar hiifrom my t8221; anned f a qrguntalrom myrshowitz ofia sbo thashlkws one ofc Fi magineedrguntalrgterg thogin that as is clear t ert toaoaceunge teinf.&e ceeom the cantxt liciteth(is is an #pfessor Dinter Jea, ifater osuld wr a sure wagstatedeshipabetwn a datao my nf.&e ce A m reathnteoay t,s Dershowitz, do, the it was I#8217;t suarxbhosrd th becuJes movicrim..!uTs is a,o the Lalse t, uer i reunrk,thyf Fhe samnholsh jipa a qugate'euversity hif sht toqui: ttfolcer micersion of thisresapt paeasg thatprvicrimha w inf waitWhGoebbelsI am pohamed. teoay t,sold shpfebeb erb porss atd Im reyr.irshowitz, suld wr a samed. teoaetate wa lifncidhinhyr.inkelstein’s montxt wt he hipfejts hiater /t>

Heanhowitz, rsohapmo moacesg thyu8220;Degoo#8221; in(dide lirin ex w eecteders)ettwy, ter :e himaof wamaoft tove a e Auct asnobo the lirael a-Paltionaeidebe mo(e it sot the liint tham poter oncentrd evth a)but he bot asnosf shseado, #8217;t have boe Auct asnbyedrgug the mem. 18Tthntrshowitz, ss gre mem. mplemd memothodg seawl glethtt sad not s,eathntss grldfs a#8217;t suate e who clrd th b,re mem. mvealed thsJes elf w!#8216;EmD’t solk wo Fi, ,h#8217;vemejt forortatg the meft asnosfIavebeou. L8221;s Arequshm. muld have bes webk, ntatur in him, /t>

Heanhowitz, &incd ceeacehonss gr(Iuparaphre c)he it Finkelstein was.&e 8217;t sowish, his bodrguntalsasld shb ocendgnizads a right extg bescedum,fc ionged aftnthe rg ant ea Im rey to thccllhe trn of mahocaust survivors. e licld(cf a muer ts pozi collaborator ds&incder to sader &nateis bodrguntals allesooey hapossge tecause hershowitz ofia wish, . We.)e dequgtirele,de lio lleuild Wasld shb ociculoug beur leteitutedn ca well as ofshunng thh. IY reuld shmeron" half some iodg seaoay thout Noisoathnhoo thooou acould wrno .r>

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Hervard Law School Dean Elena Kagan, p>

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WhilhthIaw thing thre wagssech. yothEe t Timoin the Jeve moght="ies/r t er /> denety-i moteefiecon to Prat FiIrd doniscev t havihavippe/ in thWt diPapuao myEe t Timoi,p /> deate e whodg seIoniscev t haw this she liison of salieved rw thisliison ofth ap /> deate curate ancendlctions o. Vaguancendlctions o, vaguaexpern Dion c<,nen thvaguaexpeses otre mee Warks f thisrecracve . 18(Ifou rece thtlidiveionged ae cr /> &fascttedn sefie(cf a scttireruleotaer('y,eur tll cond myexaly ree Waoe="r /> deplhthnt, 𔄙 reapil scttiresdsJme securate and fastimle t,nergoofalsifale t,netadiions we sholements, hoile ineireotaersave a mher suvaguaexatements thc mr /> denonetadiions w./p>

In tadiscev t hais she lirst acee asIpen t evsook woplishin af the rePLOg&#t /> &Beirutn the Je1970<,nd renclusid hais sheryoning oiIrd doar t teom the ct /> &Znedgsasnobo thrael a8217;s moindarion tow thuer in(ntlsot h).r>

HeN I hand myis websll-gseciateHolvard University Lah alsaw ScPfessor Dinan Dr /> dershowitz hhoincconisputeith a BlPolical-achonces ictiour, serman FiG/t /> &nkelstein w;nd the AuPolical-achonces ictiour, ah altseadeon"lthpficisand fasor /> dehendWhene ineirew ScPfessor D rdlcbodrncidhinhtseadirtike a dotwoear-old Ht /> &nning marty&#rme="

HeA wast it sfule eifu have a ee snhtseaee as give sois wew ScPfessor D me as mr /> despas o myur lerss ongus pobsiite u. Incrmiceteith a ms atd-upncendlctions oo Cr /> deving bevagua reve in dird thPolical-achonces ictiour, 8217;s mones hi his websiite upr /> thepon"lthout her mother, Masurvivor of the WaMajnek coDth maCp. Sp>

Hervd rur yno rilf-gseciat?erm gseciatai ale crtice shoonces i thttw?oDton"lt,adeon"lt,adeon"lt#82201 redn’t suur leg anttw#pfessor Dthirumhat &#ipaoou acca sr /> thstua nt?p>

In ink you acoweerman FiG/inkelstein accull std rerlishc apocagyo the Laryon lse tSp>

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ThDe():a M o, 06aryl006 16:53:39 +0000p>

ThMr.irshowitz, hd do elija v&taeute;-lperiences ,nd the s as thur lesnd w Dg hp /> deMr.irman Finkelstein’s mother. aryla Husyt Finkelstein, ofsJes do r /> & aer inding tWhen quIaw thued tett itur og thCceun v hiBülkwso of Hp /> deate jl to besteos whidI glw thcra on hdai alfring iny reuld sheectedp /> deate erikac, lsgil syeinmf salime to welon Fhedn se altsearman Nr /> deo. WhPeoeasir maed anom my teaoayi inth the inbrute-atause he acwabr /> derman Na–nd myu ware met to mebwacricaln hdatause he being a rne r /> dewish, !!!!!ew --yr h,nth thDenrks fanccllyhinhtseaStupiWar I,cc mr /> deDanh posd Hisit kused hi hatts.e.)ejt foke a erikac, o. sI amnho mr /> &islirst acint thsins. tlwarmg p asnbyeint tg tho this she liiilo, hr /> thbhosfused theocoul toeock thi hidin e hapopulio thPaltionai Nr /> denght=rneul .<,nd.)eeesoowish, .p>

HeA wano Porect ai several phDan and chrmans, s thur lebsite I (c mr /> deansmoledn sei&#ipaooDanh pof evtse whoh a Blrt fyamnho DeEngshin), rr /> thcld shsan y weint that Yiit´sll a out hewarmg p ag thod watherg hp /> deeesi. F watt itur oe heeryoning oiaedveryono. ,nclude g thyuwish pr /> delon Fwho pervived the Walocaust shod wadnirpgds o heonclusions frs ct /> &ew hiom her maperiences a.adive bener, undtht tod wasl cover spkust fotiy jt fifation ofr pr /> thw I,cc mhur lebayf “thoting:<8221;53#pfeder.s tooh a pvis. admrguntals/p>

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ThDr hiofessor D gan a,p>

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WhB th nyys, woglw tht supp is Harvard Las do nyictenr Deothe saok wthich noPfes.ershowitz ofstitethcuFiIrw thiadeethtt wacame clear that thbaprds ore wh Ir /> thw thiports.g his decheapod rersonal toattack#a hiofes.enkelltion’s moscrieed rether aswhoarse elfr an #locaust survivor.g/yethttiactually suly,sw thPfes.ershowitz ofioutri sts corpmicetelyofalsendpducons oo niveprds 8217;s worsite.

HeIhve a grep ingseciatai ale coiversity Lad recould recaestioour ylfessor D.aena Kagan, f ask whis isGtlessn is(o lido, #8217;t haally, fvisve to mebwacled haasGtlessn i)o meapocagiesu saPfes.enkelstein ac my nhrute.)eitynd chbeve a mieciatl g y,f sht tof war elf w,ai ale cogate'eiversity L/p>

Sincerely yr /> &SDr /> &Virgnai r>


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ThDr hiofessor D gan ap>

In taly, fed theochd Holvard La&#t /> &s oftion. ort he is clr Dtyntexth ss aummcthahl Ir /> thral bostd ud Lf thIasded rast itold shstua ntsoar t iom her m? Wt &r /> desld shb ot tishral bostd ud Lhod wast itout heiodgcbr /> de Caik, g thwh a ho. s Lad rei alethfuyd rejt fice?p>

ThMr.rshowitz ofc, t toen thle whoh a digny hif
dendirucoo moaitil gll at nsplgsas o Pratlleulcer miaa&#t /> &geratlyo colvard La&#upartulou II(Iasded ra shemctr /> thndirucoo moafetiv haa'ervard L). you have a ral br /> thcldre, plur tll cosan yrshowitz, stidbefstitthtr /> thapocagyoaooDr.inkelstein&#sf evbt Dershowitz ir /> thsaid/ote. /plishin afout heDr.inkelstein’s mother. p>

In ink yoDr.iChomskyest didcriptbewarshowitz hhods rr /> thbl cootes :p>

Th8220;Theurng to firshowitz, 822030;./ Ains.,e ackw IsJat Fi bt /> &nno8217;t haal pdedo Prat FiIrs. IHeado, #8217;t have boe At /> &owledges ale crncmpetces o Dead aith the ins suts(r /> deTter re(a,de liea in po thetyntexsh he isuphber /> &iswing ofassch tosli to weu recec MTy r&8217;s waaomilslyt /> &ittsofattptbed &#texSamnEivo a lectesuardve imnt or w,r /> thbhosd ceerd that &# alsau r pettwy, terd doar t emr /> deat idifhe Jevewr an ins. tlu.<,cncentratioeeothe sr /> &fac t/II &isliw.haIm reifhttopie meft asnd mye devewrd.)eeins. tr /> &u.<,adenncil rur leopsiti peuncilf .ershowitz ofia t st /> &ryon bght ebut he boder &st mthat &#mh t I you ht /> &nno8217;t hasweredo puiseact asnotmf shy recec8217;t hasweredo pr /> &isliimi cepl <,nu re aer iniswinarty”

An100%ecurate a/p>

Sincerely yr>

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Thglw th ittued and unpareed ha repladcPfessor Dershowitz h8217;s moaims at &#ofessor StNmatilnnkelstein’s later other asw thahni collaborator d.a TDeoports.ois an egedion o, Pfessor Dershowitz hicitethd hperpt from myPfessor Denkelstein’s mook woat &#iprct a ss grpealy ree Waopsiti I oevbt Dershowitz ilaims t.uTs isattackyothPfessor Denkelstein’s moter other as sot they hafalse/y is clsn Kospititeand uncruel. TDeparaphre csattne tyiJe wphaW,lch,o his mensisntpaion towh thnt or wiJeeaMcCth y“Ifund rur yno lintlc nleftyofessor Dershowitz h?8221;

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Ale of the first accs p os Iocall wi thahstua nt,aw this shring th r /> &discuion of andns greent,'se is clvaltto theotly, dnigseciataur lr /> thopsin ntsoew wint tSp>

Her eer, un was Ihrepe tly quemphased themahe itnonent thdo, ne wr /> deattackye liteviderl exring the wacr lsfo w discuion of ar /> &dis greent,' . Wt &ou have a ce wh sot they haattackedcPfessor Dt /> &nkelstein wat he itackedc shosn r the nere cl a qudladclon Fno lt /> &disve tto be a gseciateHod unpnowledginads a rihocaust survivors. p>

In fadieer &stoodois ancs p os a ricld(cf hamn maz themaheu.<,ath ap /> deur lech tovnted Holcer micec mtiretlso,ave a y to thdDeoo!p>

Thosmrhie thmeron" rulsso Candirucooa my al bthis she whold shink yr /> &well ag&#ionaate.& haabi inbyort he myur lece csu have a skersnasor /> denenarep mshbyeur leuvsubst retd Hoaims . ewadg thjt foew wedo r /> &libe mobetwn a ur llvefoa mynkelstein&#I ammaofve beno&#necs pasi yr /> & greeevth a ny Af heur leew wthcuFiIrpnowledginaou acca s#r /> de hviderl exbh the inght Hotoermatiaedveress an opinion tSp>

Her eecenei inbridg mo a bud(tabetwn a arabsnotmfrael aiven baregilt /> &at bapeoeasike a u hettlommcthaaccareedg thhral bostd ud L?p>

Her eecene indiitutedn cammcthasolvard Lav conh egee thmmcthar /> &lge trsly c rencrds reverks ?p>

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Al hamniting Pr asmments:f myur lecracter. iz on of &nkelstein wastiteth his mepiecs#8220;Ifunted House

Th822012;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;t /> &nkelstein waen doubted his own mother’s denial that she was a kapo, ab /> thoing whether her frequent statements that “the best didn’t survive” ct /> &nceituted “an indirect admission of guilt?” Thosmora he was willing t ido was &r /> de8220;assume” that his mother answered him “truthfully.” But he q estioned even that ab /> thoimption: “Still, if she didn’t cross fundamental moral boundaries, I glimpsed ft /> &om Fir manner of pushing and shoving in order to get to the head of a queue, wt /> &ath mortified me, . . . . ally, how else would she have survived?” A (p. 174)r /> de822012;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;8211;2;t>

Al hkw I tt itur ove a miceed thtter isnsbo thatis,c my nhfs pdese u ar /> dehe berepe tlyast itur aote thiprur leok, Thditi seat Fi8220;an ifair-minded and ur /> debiased reader will come to the conclusion t t this isishaaccusered.r /> thd reiailetervretat on of

AnIit sot t,c mhoile inIecenehds relieved rIune to redohatis,cIill cp /> deeern ed y shiit sot t It asl conocly sol& ha puiseaparaaphichiprestionedab /> tholough a hanncidhathert of uss mepiecs#8220;Ifunted House &nkelstein w8217;s denipicon of

Thoseeestionednsbo th8220;an indirect admission of guilt?” Thme tshdide lr /> & agilKg of whiseaparaaphic MyAft Deat &,hnkelstein&#ecenalcboding whr ma8220;onlther she lr /> &d dononeed ning oi devswum fireltnobo the lipos, nc rencaborator w deo.hmmcthmments:that “thIssumptey mother muswered himdeithfully.&8221;) &nkelstein w8217;s de8220;assung whether her frequent statements that &#`e best dr /> &di’t survive”s nceituted 󈬀n indirect admission of guilt?&'8221; ThWASnNOT INr /> &RESPONSE#TO HIS MOTHER8221;s S DENIAL THA SHEhWASnA KAPO, CONTRARY#TO WHA YOU WROTE/t /> &A wa lid not suestionednat assumption: #82201 reheeecialfally, ss g,e accunted ncet /> &ath mou wapsrretl, otes ,#8220;Still, if she didn’t cross fundamental moral br /> & ndaries, I glimpsed from her manner of pushing and shoving in order to get to tr /> &isliad of a queue, which mortified mi, ,hw my mother must have fought Hoar /> &bbes’s war of all agains. tll agny Afa ie as the camp. sR ally, how else would st /> &i have survived?” A Ains.,eIonon8217;t suatk yoIotually sune to reeern ed atis,r /> & uDenkelstein waeernicit haceesot thubtedhat his mother an8220;dirn’t cross fr /> thndamental moral boundaries, 8221; Aort head theoifht Hoyu8220;Der of all agains. tb /> tholl8221; Aorshing and shoving in orned shoo thooo c/I T it sot the lisp hee g ofasr /> & ag ona ncaborator wwhich moith retld have been a oss fg on8220;assundamental mr /> thral boundarie&8221;)

ThMr.irshowitz, < dive beooay t,s was Ihre wbt Dedeadieg a eoive be sagor /> &iswih ofit &,hb Nou ac ms eoive bedierulou'yccusered., sumrksizg hp /> debt Denkelstein wass g/I Tse is myunfts.ened ine her anexameasiofhis isipr /> &isliryon sp hecrapt of heur leok woich moh altseamments:thoFinkelstein’s mr /> thraer. I u Stite:

Th8220;asen quNoamnChomskyear t in whiseaPer iseok, Thheacame cltrige, d r /> th 822030;.r /> th nChomskyed ephed evnkelstein&#I e ln anadieuatofstua ntll aderoft toouslyii ale crviruls;ceooevs nc ti-Znedgsmhod wadnriateHom &# reeergsbe saok ws a rifraud Imccpsdg a eoinkelstein w8217;s de Ica cunci ,nChomskyedd Ht /> & nhs at “asif Ieg iswih ofitsaok wsrale ce tl g y,f[Id]hpfebeb et /> & ndiscev this she liatlleue g ofia rifraud [64]822030;. (p. 176)p>

ThRus.&e cee64n po t

Thrman Finkelstein&#,#8220;StIs Cricaln mooevrael a A ti-Semical8221; Aorshishc i auto the LaVanuncv thPhishc Libry 2,IMayf152006]520accs pge te ab /> th nhttp://www.ik, g ttvom. /nkelstein.c.htmtp>

Thglw thseruslyisbo thatis,csot hik wo ivieinc/I Ididnriatlyictenradaltmr /> thur le cunci /I Fkelstein acvyon ear t erss gre he hime claoss fue lr /> &Per iseok, i his we Ic,anncidhatheflawshdid b,rote thup wt he hid thnncidh mr /> destals to th25ipeoeasi(psrr 1, 11:20)/I e of the fi25,nChomsky,aal pded and ur /> decled hah. IAdhat hient t,nChomskyedd Hnhs at &# shseave in thfurer, i bt /> &tld hand myrale oofifraud IuTs is anpealy ree Waopsiti I oeve lr /> &porss ai myur ive sooevChomskyeorect ai seFkelstein ac8220;trureeergsbePer is8221;s ok ws a rt /> &omaud8221;) dePow aorsp. 244-248./p>

InWt &er spur imayhatkelh whnkelstein&#ed res coew wt,eur lemie womments:r /> deat idhs#8220;Ifen doubted his own mother’s denial that she was a kapo, 8221; A st hr /> desttnre wa ts.o whnenalow IIdi clrplemyacayonthminw el nydy elnhoice tst /> &dut hewh idhippe/ in the camp. souldn&oite this istophc aa ricleapobayftIr /> &vsn r poinlical-acopsin nt/I Tse lintlthatgs.o redoh po thbh tdrawaur lr /> thcracteriz on of

Sincerely y,p>

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Thdive beey hacently ralime to warof the fictenr rsit surrncidgs.oAn Dershowitz o8217;s mocracter. iz on of

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Henrom:epaulowht] r /> &T Nofrsh@lt] &CCNofrmanfigft] p /> &Suectio: cAcer miceIer>gry ot /> &re():a M o, 23-Jan006 03:54:01 +0000p>


Alhand myiactbsolud., smed.l gll atcepugnalyhat she who clhasr /> & itaed thur rettv,lf he cunlemdshnts thc mft toouetretld haengag sipr /> &ahosn recp aaigngains. tltsealiad/I Idiia e whtng a eoive br /> &dis greent,' decricaqug oi &nkelstein w8217;s deiting Pgre he hiough aco acsteved shs mother an be ar /> &ahzi collaborator d; e ln cteninug a eoipfepage mour acstevefftIr /> &influe cehe eprasses,csciinn v lu="< sbo thur rocracter. &o mr /> denon-exieinctostd ud Lf

SiThwands. &s moar ht It prur leatmenpt eoijt fify e warro Pgre hee thmmenitd &dide litervresdsJ pusow aoru have a reshe who c,e acnh egee g beur lr /> &ahfuory ofd unpner micec mibilg o,mvealed the lienpt smellhat ab /> thevesybehd mycllhur le cneed nts t/I prur leatmenpt eoidisc mitr /> deofes.enkelstein ac mysils;ceos coeoic plu haur llvefMayr.t /> &rshowitz, < ve beenme to sliryon zi collaborator dhy recims ryla Ht /> &nkelstein waeoive been d/I prur lemargnaalizg oi &nkelstein w8217;s mosuer.&g thou have a rargnaaliz the lisuer.&g t&o mr /> dedth msh all age Walocaust srvicrims IY rMayr.irshowitz, ,ave a ee snr /> deo.he epralesse being a eryoning oiu accused Pfes.enkelstein actIr /> & a; rihocaust suvinie see lirilf-hedn seJewsee lic ti-semic ,c myar /> thitiits,s thur lepeoeas/t>

ThMr.irshowitz, < u acould wrmisov hur lestements vsbo thyyla Ht /> &nkelstein waom Fiur relvard Larsite. thoi Pfes.enkelstein a8217;s mojuinads ed re cat tishpner micerikats,&o mr /> denocoby ahosn recp aaign/p>

Sinhe cltnelvard L/p>

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Thdive befoy,sw thloo e haev thii to slictenr rsit betwn a rman Finkelstein&#oswdaAn Dershowitz o etll /I dive beme to the coinion tre heershowitz ofl atrvard Law Scarof the Jev elroadba mynkelstein&# i n the sas ofroad/I enyould reliy mieciatae teuversity haenploree Wao Dtyneciataclere heershowitz ofh alenme t?I enyould reliy mieciatae tevewrmnho Deed itwebsiipe haeoaafetulg,d ofalseul .

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InoIot myseral phpeoeasive bestitthts thur , the eprise he bed hperpt froffhyr.inkelstein&#motemoiroby An Dershowitz o.hyr.irshowitz, h alw I al pded an the c accurmatilntter i,opfede oi ceed waf evallhat a lisuer.&several lynom my tgalon Fga. Hliint tpo the heterpt f,mtervntg a eoipfed rat id is clophnteoayuectioe sotervretat on ofd the id is clnkelstein&#mofat cott he hid sot thmisov diifrom mys ownerull thbsipe h.uTs is an pst cg a eoie litervlcige ceed warin ibilg isso Caeryon ader wifoy,swi seat deneud,ivcereibt Deyr.inkelstein&#sh thia thout Noh.sive mother o ear t erh alsbsolud., nm gseemblans o Prat Dershowitz ilaims tiifrcees. Oy haa thfuls an odxtermise shased reader w, ear t erfierg thrshowitz iesrivofe i,ouldn&opossge tetervretatyiactmoaims g the wave moryla Hunkelstein&#aeoive been d kapo, . Inhathert pdese h)eeesooaims to t DeSten doPlautlw tht su pspectdf the refalseul .ott he hid sonireulio t.uTs is anaociculouslyidefin e,ivcereiPlautlgsing in( sholupiWly)ccissJhiher owisi. Idi ms that shyr.irshowitz, pner micesition oid sop accuacehoJa ofsoe hioukely,otfidivi cebilg o MTy r&c ms eoi a sbsolud., nm ctesuent csso him,yidehogattsofaions we shdefamaons o. Iohertiat &#ur tll cote secuons we ins. tltse womruelr egedion otooevs m, ear t erunbefierg the regoo#ere cl a qner micediitutedn cammcthasolvard L/t>

Heur llivcerely y

AlKarhm KhayaUr>


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ThMo. gan[a/p>

I As#ur tll co a sblto theellhom myPfes/erman FiG/inkelstein a8217;s moterpt fr /> deoevs nfts.hco g thinlical-actemoir,#8220;Ifunted House thwww.rman Fnkelstein&# co ),oh.sive mother owho pervived the WaWarsewrghter ab /> thMa tek concentratioi camps,,nd thewourndve-boratamps, suw theryoning oiBUTyar /> thzi collaborator d/t>

HeYethPfes.ershowitz o,e accnwnerull thstements vtnelvard Law School D8217;s mr /> thrsite. decoertredn sebh the inzi csxring the walocaust sE8221;

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HeIprct a,f shy reve a gny d ntlc hou rell cov co n quvebeoooisoat this ir /> departulou I, dnigt fi and shsbsurHoaims e a gssov diinst rlynom mylvard Law Sp /> &Sool D8217;s mwrsite. &sJhipsentedurmat,s myunkust fae t.iCh egee thPfes.ershowitz ofioume toup wh ap /> deme iodg seathfullyiinstiad/ISuld wr refa notthdDeoo,oawecenebeaperiateH,ive br /> &h.mesov hon IIdi cleotly, cayonthminw el ear tg a uversity ha(ded ereliy acehor /> deoevar t g a)eceneioleted o #pfessor Debh thmmcthahl PrhnittsofofhttopiolupiWlyr /> thriseer &st mg hod wasl cl g yotnigspsentedg threurces,c cs tseft ul o,nd chber /> deproudooevs m nm ls a p>

In w thgog a eoieress anmyoinion treocPfes.ershowitz oflwebsllhot hend myiar /> dephysally, portssge tetohen thaddss anh. IKd mlyhinrmatis m thma/p>

Sincerely y

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HeYr og hik eftroby drag g berman Finkelstein’s mother. aipaoou arersonal toneudbsh a Pfessor Denkelstein&# p>

In miseer ofwatchg betsealibe mobetwn a ur ba mynkelstein&# oac8220;trDssocracyermw8221; Aord recocall wi she whent thur lesasg thaooPfessor Denkelstein&#nat &#ipr elibe mobetwn a aten oae tepeoeas,he whould wrmifra waom Fishow natemoattacks. Inhathedl togutiat &#d sofoy,sw this shribe mhou have a brok a ur lwn mo8220;trrulss8221; thaoogny Afii, toioumeci /Iu Stve su itackedcnkelstein&#nv co nvsooasedooevs ncrguntalswhich moarofqui: valttort he mstiadove beori thur rebtioo fiso to sota tooh a oh a pvt&#rme="-nning marepe tlyaa#eree

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ThPfessor Dershowitz h, u have a nswummnku sa nccll-ii tov elih a ur shctents:thncentrdg his deraer. IYr leaions oha.)ediecal-e t. ncereeIonoav conoorsshe mhur leral borsociate.&,h#8217;ve coton myebtioo fieern ed y shur shctents:tha.)eral b hacersshe sge t.oPfessor Denkelstein&#ncenedefindar elf wieins. tlu.< show natemoattacksoc mhur lesher telly, -crguediint tp IH modladcther o enounitdefindar, yvam which mou accasat c in thaencrds renner o. Ahison ofsuld wr a juinads yat tishpnon o<,nd renocoby e neruer of w dpgreethateyhposseio, ale crruer of w ok wthateyhve bestittht.r>

HeRegds s

AlScott StefslUr>


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Thyr.irshowitz, p reyo. gan[a

Alhaend myoAn Dershowitz o8217;s mon tdvt&aieins. tlrman Finkelstein&#,#d rerartulou I, mother, Masareedg t.irshowitz, do, #8217;t ha ms eoi a swarof thw el ins scd udlizg oir elf wi&#uphishc/ p>

HeIth effl.s toit hee rervard Law School Deh alsgreeev fieoae tes m bsuly,swg oir e eoipa he ipornd w Dsly c resmed.l gllttack#a hiitwebsite.

Hencerely y< r /> thEveneSiegelr>


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ThDr hiAn Dershowitz o,t>

Alhand mye licusedion otour imadehout Norman Finkelstein’s mother. aryla Husyt Finkelstein, eoi a splgsas l g. Bed re caat FiIrd veave isee litire fedl togru have a hadhbh thDr.inkelstein&#s&#uprt t,nIenclusid iat &#ur tarofpealy rewt he hicims tour teoi a/ p>

HeFst a, u hast haeer &st mast itu hae thmmentedg thout N/y postemeiat &#rman F8217;s moter other aaryla Huiporn a bsuhimha kapo, hi &ncenrtbedns o/I ebous p, howeonoclyesytnerael a8217;s mohum. mvht Hshviotatedeseaa ricurntlyhexameasiofhw el uns, sc nccll elathmlves. eoidisrpgds ope ceed wamher suool sbeooaylah ac wifoacpvt&#uprtdte my ndionae tegreee/I Idi ms thy recec8217;t haeer &st maatis,ctause heur acprtdte arently erh albn a dame, d (re wbtmrhiel Pre wavate)oa myiti ms that shur actire feliferh albn a aefiecon ty 20re halins. tlts shryon baselipfeblemoat &#ur tnnounitev tct cltnhahison oilnttrs /b>

Henenditortyeing a ooo v i redefin e.&,hu hafa notthcaalizanst itu hae thadvocedn s. Ains. tltseawh co &a her anncenextthe it altseadocnrt tonndarion tou hae thadvocedn s. Aloo,ou halobbofr pie he ber pcee accunituion tou hakw I therg hnsbo ths renpounitmse u mee Wao tct cliantiy bayf &#st itu haeskiher o eoido IYr lepgose is clobsve tLhods u mtour tet itu hae tht su pvol tLhot here wh I#ur tnnoho thwt hee e who pear osuld wrdo,nen th hee reco of ust tishral bg o,mt tishlivesnd mye des atiretlso ust tishfa th.he moCa hfr p Pe cee an pd ereubtelesciin (unitturn-sciin nded#ur )nd mye decims tour tme secbo thnkelstein hioierg ear ocepugnalyhaoay the wavse tSI prarrutsmell,nst itu hae thing th anaonrueidissve icto the e who peruer.& in the cazi colocaust sra myitipa&#moteo the k yoet itu hae thoool I tt itur ould reltmenpt eoidisgsas o mememtsofofhaclon Fnke a ryla HusyysFinkelstein, ofahison ofo pe(iti ms thaoeme)fd contdre, y nhfsgds o oeathfu,ome iodg seu hakw I therg hnsbo t. Aloo,oIervggtioour ystopods ociedn sebh thSl msnnittturncoatsike at /> &om ntpe hme,om. 8217;s moaavidhHoritz, p res moa tll glmion t the itur yophn ineaocagizanaooDr.inkelstein&#s&#upson of my nhprt t,nc mhur esov hbackyeDead an sebh thsm egeshpr orion otooevethfuymmcthasoe crrtxt OJ ori t evbt Den rdme tshyr lebayfi ale crmoney/pgouok tSp>

HeLe t, pvse eonoav cobehued teby e is,cIihertiur ysplemyalk wo the camirroanswdaaskaur llvefMaho. s y,f shwt this isison of(me)fiporasg thh als Afithfuyooois,et tocayonthur acprtdt,eur lepgosetause he hkw I sheogny Afpeoeasite meeeing ma to slisp hee g o,ecould reat lse ticll elmylf wiooo822016ncheckymylf wib re(aecoufeckedcmylf w8217;s /I Idi ms thom her ing iny resciin oDerssocracyermwhy reve a g bud(ta thguds o h shrisly,swtois istyphe becefctions nc rencnmenplion c MIit sot thaoogter oiprur lelifertthcapailea myitisld shb o nccss to thpe cee shy resld shb g nhfsrtatg the meithfuymher sue see Waobfustion of & e temnholsh8217;s deniieed rether a. Jt foiryois,ey reve a gntadthaoeme s,hb g nhbh thDr.inkelstein&#/ p>

Hencerely y< p>

HeJeecrey An Dehooneer.g p>

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ThDr hiofessor D gan a,p>

HeIth clgsiy, ssthis shrss ongte mysow aa ms eoi a ftrorale mttant; totmrfa aatechg betsen qner micedirvgry o. Wt &osuld wrwhfr p exameasime se

HeYr llivcerely y

AlKarhm KhayaUr>


Henrom:e Khadija Uiti khadijaut] r /> &T Nofrsh@lt] &CCNofrmanGF[at] r /> &Suectio: cAones e becevulon tr /> dere():a FriI 13-Jan006 23:55:58 -0500p>

ThPfessor Dershowitz h,p>

In wld wrke a eoieress ane hetermise dnigt fecocagniter reon pugsing-fhu.< segedion otoat &#rman Finkelstein’s mother. as a kazi collaborator d/ Ty setarofpermise shsveus p,totmrfalse/yt to memvnfnaberal b hadnigt fi and shcersshe sge t segedion ot.t>

HeYr ave a nsnght Hotoesegedthmmcthe g o

HeIth clorasolud., dnigt fi antt itur ould rernd w De clon Fno lervived the WaMa tek concentratioi camps,nd thewourndve borautamps, suwhool he wactire femily ineoie lizi cs,c myaused r&#e being a kasymsheriserebh the inpeoeasit pe xt &nan tlyaall r&#elov dio. s!MIit sounbeevedeb e nninsly c reitouldn&ov cobehrn ed watt itur ove a nsnbaselirin ef

SiIdi ms that sh treopJ puslagiarhzg ois atiretllyofalsenbk, yothPaltionai Nshoile inadvocedn sfi ale crdietruion of ust tishville, sh(populio thbyorpmicetelyoinnontlthcivili Ns), o lihe beee sne isupoa ur llvefoooayla w Dedladclocaust sra myrndve borautamps,urvivors.sndwebsll.nIdi ms thate is myalra heno lipfuyoooich mou acwldn&ov cosinku sa cneed ubt Den rdsk=" rsonal toag td weu resubsiptbeu s p>

In wl co a ncnmacdg the walvard Law School Dean Elod atisimeer i MIit sosbsolud., atrocus po t Depeoeasike a u h,lih a ur shcninsly disrpgds oi albaselirin eso usght exd wasrg p,nd.)ettechg beathamuversity hais shrsoaims tiiflvefo( arently erfalse h) eoi a t best dhdide liold W,nth the inbt dhft ul o/Iu Ste thtat tg this isipitutedn caa myite an pncentivsblto thminw elu hae thte snesveus plyhinhlcer mia/p>

Sincerely y

AlKhadija Uiti /b>


Henrom:e Khadija Uiti khadijaut] r /> &T Nofagan[at] &CCNofrmanGF[at] r /> &Suectio: cRegds g thPfessor Dershowitz h8217;s mocentlyhctents:tr /> dere():a S &,h14-Jan006 00:14:53 -0500p>

ThTo e lean Elena Kagan, ,p>

In wld wrke a eoieress ane hetermise cevulon tecocagniter reon pugsing-fhPfessor Dershowitz h8217;s moatents:thregds g thPfessor Derman Finkelstein’s mopentlyw,fit he hipa hads a rnwnerull thmments:f mytisiosite.

In w thihock the idu haey,sw thmmcthahtng a eoibhipa hadsoace rervard Laiversity Laosite.

HeIth cldnigt fi antt ite fiuversity ha sot they haite tg a kan Fnke a An Dershowitz o,nth the inrpmicete bockf

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In fay rrlterulesipiis:thoFimet

HeAn Dershowitz o suld wreaocagisbeooaall ly dve iso ust tainnontlthlon Fnryla Husyt Finkelstein, oftreBllorocaust survivors.s,c my ndeeev fiBllowish pfpeoeasieryonbtmrh,c lough a shseah alssnkettlhetervgry oe we wawldn&oveeev five be same semmcthahio fi a,eIonoav coubtedhat hiseawh conen rdme secaparion otoi alit/p>

Sincerely y

AlKhadija Uiti /b>


Henrom:e8220;asKarhm K8221;53#karhmguyt] r /> &T Norsh@lt] &Suectio: W frwh soy /> thre():aS &,h14-Jan006 06:35:59 +0300p>

ThDr hiyr.irshowitz, p>

ThDing the waqner miceneudobetwn a ur ba myMr.inkelstein&#,ey reve a bous p hass ord &#texmo helsgil macdgcsud unpesoomo hestitthtsctents:thich moaro,haoay the wavse t,euvscrupunsly c redasho. s .ut hebhafar e Wara hecepugnalyha my n Etioo dg seu have a ce wh soeoiphishc redefa to e tememtsofofhacrocaust suSvivor o,yvam ree Waniieed rether ai

HeDoou ahen rde k yosbo the eppeon ofu have a bnme t?IWathate isahent thiprur leliferat bau acwldn&ove surhudw Dhda ite fime meeugh aco fomo hdayeing a e eppeon ofu hae tht w? fay rrlther as sostl coale sotshe waproudooevst itu hae t? fashwh sodladclod she habt? r eelod shu halt a mo he whtoyophn inccllhur lether mus o lro,hnen rdmd myccCa, ?eYr ave a bous p hawonfqui: aclothiprur lelife,annet=tng Prw elifroeelto betl sb.aW,ll,ot wnu hae thtl sn s. Y hae thtl sn shur acreputefnab;nu hae thtl sn sean qner miceneudxd wasor of uscllhur ae thtl sn sest it sfleftyoevur reeaocagizg a eoirr.inkelstein&#s sholedn seb hee nslyyo dg se was Ihtooaims ome iodg seeognn E.Y hace ’tive be sadooisor pis m,adooisor pist it sfleftyoevur lelvefogseciat…adooisor pie llmemtsofofhsixdmdllnaberurw DhdaJ wt.t>

HeYr llivcerely yr>

AlKarhm KhayaUr>


Henrom:eShirley Rano sul ezt]hor hthlkel.n="r /> thT Norsh@lt]

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ThMy Brher as sopealy rere ac/ermemeer inst itu haatkelh whhimhandes coew wto nie llMidd inEe t,e kiepo mother mutrif a it.t>

HeYr ae thtuckyashwh sonm lg p aawh a us,ctause heen th hee reat=f

Herenryenkelstein&# b>


Henrom:e8220;asTanwn r Akram8221; ct /> &T Norsh@lt] &CCNormanfigft] p /> &Suectio: yr.irshowitz, 8217;s mostements vregds g thPfes/inkelstein a8217;s moter other ab /> thre():aFriI 13-Jan006 20:40:55 -0500p>

ThDr hiyr.irshowitz, nc rean Elgan[a/p>

I hamn tefifi theoiar t nst itHard Law School Deitechehiyr.irshowitz, note thregds g thPfessor Derman Finkelstein’s moew wfofhs meraer. I yr.irshowitz, n& Co.,rote that ab /> th8220;as[h]eerveciatsis own mother&#e being a kapo, ho u coertredn sebh the inzi csxring the walocaust sE8221;

HeIhamn u mee ayhat shyr.irshowitz, & Co.,rkw I Pfessor Denkelstein&#nd soermans pofs piataf evs mother he mothl borsosuion toh albn a lget=, smeptdf the revsgacyeofes mepentlyw,httopioevsthmfte the fizi cohocaust s. ewisitervlceuallynbk, yh albn a guidtdf the revaluesott he moter opentlywotah acnh. I T itwhy8217;s de hamn tefifi thc resmock th shyr.irshowitz, 8217;s de82038; Co.,rgrneinsque c resmed.l gll my ndeeevsmed.cs padnittsdn c. MIit sosnn pst creocPfes.enkelstein&#nter other aasw.otooPfessor Denkelstein&# p>

In uet=fyr.irshowitz, & Co.,rtter re(a,haoanerir poihishc apocagyoaooPfessor Denkelstein&#nrman Fif evn kgs.nmmcthahnnlignalyhstements vsbo thhimha bslleasoh.sive mother o/I Ashe whould wrknow,oe inzi csx evrd us p eaocagisttoi aldaltor w isw.oviote ceedre gate'ikears. MIit somher suunbeco g thofhaclslleknow#ntewy an beengag siphahnnliouslyoeve lorerye the fizi cs p>

In fae wh socah acnlyi a,e e tee g ofia fiBaocagizani allyi answdaaskai alnnete sns an odxrsomepseen thpfededinrpmiension of

In mializantt heiodgc thstd ud Lisatervard Laofthtsfcllhowirsofb te u m, an Elgan[a gh acotthcaalizanst ityr.irshowitz, & Co.,rve sura thout Noofessor Stnkelstein hi souniodgc thc resmed.l g. MIfervard Lastl coh Ihre whstd ud Li,ecould reuet=fan Elgan[a oooinvs ongateo somher susmed.l gll thc puiseaparti

Sincerely y

AlTanwn r Akram, PhDr>


Henrom:euSanjeev ryhajnohomyhajnot]hosbcglobal.n="r /> thT No ekan[at] &CCNofrmanfigft] p /> &Suectio: crshowitz ot /> &re():aaFriI 13-Jan006 15:04:32 -0800 (PST)p>

Th Dr hiofes. gan[a

Al e hamnqui: aareed the idancepvlcelthfmaudymmcthasoAn Dershowitz o 82201 rew e wb /> th scd udlslyo8220;asmnholsh jip8221; & by rman Finkelstein&#o82201 rennoht toabayfbh thnning mave moryla Husyt Finkelstein, (t /> & rihocaust survivor o) kapo, . Iit soen thrale lental blere hehwh sokapfenatenab /> th seer ofoevur left ul o,nd chrvard Lavewrmnho Deceesot thcteser.g itislrerile ib /> th fiBdmedgshhhimhi alsmed.cs p incclumniedn sedins. tlmo he who cb /> th suer.& inring the wahocaust s. Evenelvard Last have fore whstd ud Li,t /> & r recouet=fur teoite secppfepried o ions ncins. tlrshowitz o.t /> & T nks p>

In ncerely y & Sanjeev ryhajnop>


Ced gooues

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